Glossier Body Hero

Skincare for the other 90% of you. 

Not gonna lie, I'm not a body care person. I use Johnson and Johnson's or Nivea and that's about as fancy as it gets. However, I'm a Glossier stan so any new launch immediately piques my interest. Maybe because everything is always so damn photographic, but mostly because I generally love anything they put out.

New In

I've been a bit of an impulse shopper lately.

I mean, I haven't really meant to but I keep finding myself in Sephora. Accidentally. I've been in a bad mood, okay? I actually do need to calm down because my bank account hates me but it's fine (!!!). Also, I've gotten a few cool PR packages this week so I thought I'd talk about those too!

Kristin Ess Hair

Okay, listen. I'm not a hair person. But this. THIS.

I have become a hair person. So you know it's good. 'This' is the newish range of haircare at Target from actual hair-angel Kristen Ess, and I am obsessed. If you don't know who Kristin Ess is a celebrity hairstylist and freakin' hair goals. She's a co-founder of The Beauty Department which is how I first discovered her. If you don't follow her Instagram, you need to, it makes me so jealous because my styling skills are abysmal. So let's listen to that person review haircare products!

Kypris Beauty

I remember when my first ever Kypris product (Antioxidant Dew) arrived in the mail, it was like the heavens were singing. The packaging is that beautiful.

Fragrance Favourites

I just want to start off this post by saying that I suck at describing/talking about fragrances. So I'm not really sure why I'm attempting to write this post. But fair warning, alright?