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The Makeup Base Edit

I've never really been a primer person, it's always just seemed like an unnecessary step to me. But priming moisturizer, that's a different story.

In my mind there is nothing worse than foundation going onto dry skin. But on the other hand, sometimes moisturizer under makeup makes it wear off faster or look a little too dewy. So I began to amass a collection of moisturizing products that wear really really well under makeup. These beauts leave your skin looking primed and perfect, and foundation just glides on top.

Five Product Face

I generally spend my mornings reading blogs or a book with a cup of tea, then suddenly look at the clock and panic because I need to leave in 15 minutes. So organized.

Detox Day

About once a week I have a biiiiig detox day. It's usually Sunday because I generally have the evening off and it's the perfect opportunity to get all of the week's gunk out of my pores.

Thinking about how much crap gets stuck down in my pores makes me a little sick, and even though I double (sometimes triple) cleanse every night you know there's dirt deep down. SO, detox day is the day that I slap on hella skincare products, sit down with some tea and a book, and get it allllll out.(*note that I don't use all of these products at once, these are just a few things that I do use on detox day*)

Fragrance Favourites

I just want to start off this post by saying that I suck at describing/talking about fragrances. So I'm not really sure why I'm attempting to write this post. But fair warning, alright?