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The Makeup Base Edit

I've never really been a primer person, it's always just seemed like an unnecessary step to me. But priming moisturizer, that's a different story.

In my mind there is nothing worse than foundation going onto dry skin. But on the other hand, sometimes moisturizer under makeup makes it wear off faster or look a little too dewy. So I began to amass a collection of moisturizing products that wear really really well under makeup. These beauts leave your skin looking primed and perfect, and foundation just glides on top.

The Classics: A Red Lip

There are few things I love more than a red lip.

For example a red lip is wayyyyy better than stubbing your toe on a coffee table, or waking up before your alarm, or tripping over your own feet in the middle of campus. Basically it's pretty freakin' great right?? A rep lip is a classic look for me (and probably everyone else ever) that you can depend on when you're not sure what to do. I decided to do a little series of classic looks accompanied by tutorials! Woohoo! I will warn you this one is very rambly so prepare yourself.

Five Product Face

I generally spend my mornings reading blogs or a book with a cup of tea, then suddenly look at the clock and panic because I need to leave in 15 minutes. So organized.