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Am I Crazy For Triple Cleansing?

Am I Crazy For Triple Cleansing?

Am I crazy for triple cleansing?



At some point during my social media hiatus I realised that I got REAL lazy with my skincare routine. Like so lazy I’m too embarrassed to tell you how bad I was. Anyway, I buckled down, brought out the big guns, and I now… triple cleanse? Scream.

To be honest, calling it triple cleansing is probably a bit overdramatic, but it’s three steps dedicated to cleansing so I’m sticking with it. I start off with an oil or balm cleanser. Whether I’m wearing makeup or not. My go-to is the Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil. Not that I wear particularly heavy makeup, but I feel like this really cuts through the bulk of my makeup and is especially effective at removing mascara. I also really like the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm and the Farmacy Green Clean (although I keep the latter away from my eyes generally). 

I find that no matter what makeup remover/cleanser I use, there’s always residue, so oil cleanser first, then micellar water. I’m using the Shiseido something or other at the moment, which I really like. However, my favourite is the Garnier Micellar water, it’s easy it’s cheap and it gets the job done. I usually go through two Shiseido cotton squares to get any makeup residue off my skin.

I feel like really making sure I’ve gotten everything off has helped my skin improve much more quickly. Sometimes it’s shocking how much makeup there still is on your skin when going in with micellar water (yikes).

Last but not least I use a gel or cream cleanser. Never a foam (slaps you), and rarely a clay cleanser anymore even though I used to love them. I feel like using anything remotely stripping at this point would be a LOT for my skin, so I stick to “hydrating” cleansers. Not that they’re on my skin long enough to hydrate or anything, but you catch my drift. I’ve also been using a Foreo a few times a week to help really clean my pores out and I’ve noticed a massive difference. I used to be a Clarisonic person eons ago but I stopped because I found that it was too harsh on my skin. The Foreo is wonderful because the silicone bristles aren’t too harsh but really clean deep down. I also feel a MILLION times better about keeping it clean so no nasty bacteria on my skin.


I wasn’t going to mention this because I’m really gonna sound crazy but I also sometimes use a makeup wipe before oil cleansing just to be real throrough. Diligence!

What are you guys doing to cleanse? Are you a strict double cleanser or a wash and be done kind of person? Please don’t tell me if you don’t wash your face, it makes me nervous.

It’s good to be back. I’ve missed you.

x A

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