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Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations

Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations



The dreaded/anticipated Sephora VIB sale has come early this year. You guys asked for my recommendations, so here we go!

I personally prefer to use this sale to stock up on things that I use all the time, or to treat myself to something more expensive. I'm not really a mega-hauler, so here are the few things that I think are worth splurging on. 


I'm sure you know I've recently become absolutely obsessed with these if you follow me on Instagram. They're so beautiful that I purchased three and my wallet hates me. At $29 each they aren't the cheapest, but my lord if they aren't the most beautiful thing I've ever put on my eyeballs. It's a mega lightweight "glitter" shadow but I don't really know how to explain the texture to you. It doesn't feel like a traditional glitter at all, it's incredibly smooth. But it sparkles like you've got Swarovski crystals glued to your lids. It's sort of nuts. All of the shades are gorgeous but Foil, Blaze, and Reflect are definitely my favourites. Smoke is next on my list. 


I reviewed the foundation from this collection a little while ago, and I was pretty meh about it so I wasn't thinking about trying anything else. but Hannah convinced me to get the highlight palette on a shopping trip recently and I'm glad I did. I actually think this is super good value for money. You get four shades (.35 oz of product) at $45 (plus the discount) which works out to be less than one of their single highlighters. The formula is still absolutely beautiful, super buttery and reflective and shimmery without being glittery. It's definitely more of a highlight and less of a glow but gorgeous nonetheless. I was a little concerned I wouldn't use all the colours but I usually use the top two shades mixed together and both of the bottom shades make gorgeous blushes even on my skin (with a light hand). Also a blown out bronzey eye with that 4th shade? Yes.


Ugh you guys, I love this stuff. It's actually going to be in my upcoming bronzer post but I wanted to include it here because that discount tho. I truly love Lilah B but I know it's fairly expensive. However, this bronzer is near perfection. Unfortunately it only comes in one colourway, but if you're around my colour or a bit darker and always find bronzers too dark or too orange this one is for you. It's not matte or shimmery, it has more of a satiny finish and it has my favourite texture. If you don't normally read my blog, I prefer my bronzers to be sort of sheer so I can build the colour up but still see skin through it. And that's exactly what this beaut does. Plus, at $42 it's one of the brands best priced products.



My Laura Mercier loves recently sent me a couple of their new blushes and they are absolutely gorgeous. They come in two formulas (matte and shimmer) and ten colours to suit a wide range of shades/undertones. Again, it's kind of that sheer formula that allows skin to show through, but the colour really packs a punch. If that makes sense? I find that they really are super long wearing, even on top of my dewy bases that typically eat up powder blush. I have the shades Peach and Rose here but I'm thinking I might pick up Chai as well.


I realized that I've been using this stuff nonstop for over a month but I haven't talked about it at all?? Whoops, sorry YTTP! I've been working overtime lately so I'm near death when I get home and can't be bothered with a full skincare routine. I basically wash my face and then fall into bed, so I keep this on my nightstand and I really think it's prevented a full on skin meltdown. The moisturizer itself is really lightweight, but it hydrates the skin deeply and I always wake up looking super glowy. It feels like absolute heaven on irritated skin thanks to calming pentapeptide and is full of 'adaptogenic' mushrooms and herbs. Not gonna lie I'd never heard of that word before, but they're basically considered herbs/plants that allow your body to reduce stress. Health and Wellness mumbo jumbo usually goes straight over my head but I can't deny that my skin has been totally soothed even though I'm majorly stressed out at the moment. Combine this with their Superberry Glow Oil? Oof.


Once again I've been planning on writing a post about this forever but I haven't gotten around to it. I promise it's coming! This may be The Best Concealer I've Ever Used™. I honestly haven't reached for anything else in months and I haven't wanted to. It's lightweight but gives good coverage and truly makes your skin look airbrushed. Because it's so lightweight I can use it on bare skin to cover blemishes on no foundation days and it just looks like I have A+ skin. This one isn't really a splurge IMO because you get so much bang for your buck (the tiniest bit goes a long way), but it's definitely something you should try. God forbid this ever gets discontinued I'll cry. Please @ Laura Mercier make a better shade range everyone deserves to love this. 



I've never written about Fresh Face Masks in general because they're so expensive it's kind of dumb. BUT they are absolutely incredible, so if you want to treat yourself this VIB sale go big or go home. Thanks to my PR babies, I've been able to try the Umbrian Clay Mask, Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask, and the Black Tea Instant Hydrating Mask. And to be totally candid the one that I would definitely repurchase myself is the Overnight Firming Mask. Yes, I realize that this is the most expensive one and I'm contradicting myself, but hear me out. The other masks are beautiful, but to me the formulas are things that I could find elsewhere and they do things for my skin that other masks I have do. But the Overnight Treatment is wow. Truly the first night I tried it I was *shook*. I want it to be a lie but every time I use it I wake up with plumper, firmer looking skin. I mean I'm not saying my skin is saggy by any means but the difference is 100% visible to me. I'm super excited to use this on my dry winter skin. Also very interested to see if anyone out there with more mature skin has seen results from using this! Please let me know!

Also as a side note thank GOD Sephora is revamping their rewards program. I'm much more likely to go back to shopping there now that I can actually use my points towards something other than jumped up deluxe samples you can get at a counter for free. They finally listened to us. 

As for what I'm getting for the sale I only have two things in my cart right now! The Marc Jacobs O!mega Shadow in The Big O! and the Diorshow On Stage Liquid Liner in Matte Pop Green. I swatched the liner in store a few weeks ago and fell in love and I'm super interested to try the new shadow formula. What are you guys picking up this year?

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