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Why Makeup Sticks Are Perfect For Summer

Why Makeup Sticks Are Perfect For Summer



Quick, no-fuss, and perfect for touchups. I don't know about you guys, but I love a good makeup stick. In general (because it's certainly not a rule), they're creamy, easy to blend, and great for on the go. And when it's 109 degrees out, the last thing I want to do is spend an hour blending powders and liquids onto my skin. Get it on my face and get out the door. And then get some more of my face later when I sweat it all off. Cute.


I'm honestly so glad that more and more brands are coming out with products in stick formulations. They are the perfect travel makeup. You can technically get away with not using brushes, just your fingers, plus they're TSA friendly so you can bring as many as you want. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that they are super easy to sanitize. Let's be honest, makeup is pretty gross. You swipe it on your face or put your hands in it, so bacteria is everywhere. But with a stick product you can just spray it with alcohol and wipe it down! I'm not saying it's ever going to be one hundred percent clean, but it's better than nothing to me.

Probably the most popular formulation is the foundation stick. Stick foundations are awesome because you can use them as foundations, build them up as concealers, and buy lighter/darker shades for highlighting/contouring/bronzing. Genius. I love the Lancôme Teinte Idole Stick and the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick. I'm also testing out the Smashbox Studio Skin Face Shaping Foundation Duo that has a foundation on one side and a contour on the other!

My personal favourite category is cheek products. Cream blushes and highlighters are my absolute fave, and give it to me in an easy to use stick formula? Yes please. You can swipe them directly on your face, but 9 times out of 10 I tend to rub the product on my finger and then tap onto my face. Most formulas are fairly emollient and easy to blend. 

For blushes, I love the Onomie Lip & Cheek Stains because they're super creamy and give a dewy finish. The Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick (I have Moon Beach) gives a more satin finish, but with a punch of shimmer. And if you prefer a more matte look, the NARS Matte Multiples are beautiful (I have Mauritanie).

I'm also trying out the somewhat new Bobbi Glow Sticks which can be used as blush or highlight, they also have a super emollient finish and leave the skin mega dewy. BUT I somehow forgot to add the Bite Multi-Sticks into these photos! Those little beauts are stick makeup PERFECTION. You can use them on eyes, lips, and cheeks, making them the perfect on the go formula.


Last but not least are the highlighters. Definitely an up and coming product, there are now tons of highlighter sticks on the market. Again, you can swipe them directly on top of the cheekbones, but I prefer using my fingers.

Glossier Haloscope and the Fenty Matchsticks are probably the most popular out there. Glossier's offering is a much dewier, almost wet look highlight that gives the skin a glassy sheen. The Fenty stick that I have, Starstruck, is much 'drier' but still gives the skin a ton of shine in almost a cream-to-powder formula. It's fairly similar in texture to the NARS Multiple in Copacabana. In my opinion, Copacabana has less of a sparkle, whereas the Fenty does have visible particles of sparkle (not glitter, because it isn't chunky). Both gorgeous though.

Jolii Cosmetics also has somewhat similar Spektra Sticks, in two shades with micro fine glitter. Definitely more boom! I'm wearing highlight than a subtle glow, but it is more dewy than the Fenty formula. You could also probably see this from space because it is so pigmented.

New to me is the elf Beautifully Bare Glow Stick, a majorly dewy formula that's almost more like a face gloss. The colour Pink Pearl Glow is a beautiful champagne that gives an almost editorial shine. I also have Morning Dew, the clear, which I'm too afraid of to wear on my face just yet. But, the perfect eye gloss without getting it everywhere! It gives you the shine without the stickiness.

The Burberry Fresh Glow Pen is fairly similar to the Glossier Haloscope in that it gives you a shine, but the colour is a bit more golden. It's super slim, so I prefer to use this one on my inner corner and Cupid's bow. 

I'm definitely interested in trying out some more formulas, specifically the Hourglass Flash Sticks which look absolutely stunning.

Last but not least is the one swipe and done perfection of the eyeshadow stick. I am specifically talking about the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks here because they are the most perfect formula in the entire world (but I do also love the KIKO Milano Shadow Sticks). The sparkly options from Bobbi are out of this world beautiful. They just require a quick blend for stand-out eyes that look like you made an effort. My favourite shades are Goldstone and Sunlight Gold which together make the perfect summery eye.

I am dying to try the new sparkle sticks, which I'm just discovering were limited edition and now I want to cry.

swatches taken in direct sunlight

swatches taken in direct sunlight

hi can you even read me

hi can you even read me

What's your favourite makeup stick? (I hate the sound of this, 'makeup stick,' ew)

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