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Base Bootcamp: Dior Face and Body

Base Bootcamp: Dior Face and Body


So I proposed the idea of Base Bootcamp (testing a base product different ways for a week) on insta and it had a super positive response! So for the first week I obviously had to do the new Dior Face and Body foundation. I have gotten SO many questions about this since I first got it. If you follow me on insta, you know my first impressions weren’t great. But after a week of trial and error I’ve warmed up to it a bit. So here’s how to week went (straight out of the journal I wrote in each day).

Day one: prepped with Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base (my normal primer) and applied with elf Ultimate Blending Brush (my normal application method).  

It goes on pretty sheer, I’d say more sheer than the MAC F+B. It's a bit less watery in texture than the MAC, but is similar. Katy said it feels similar to those ink/serum foundations that were popular a few years back and it kinds of does. Like almost matte, but still watery? V strange. 

Although a touch too yellow for me (I have the shade 1W) it blended out nicely. Attempted to build it up a bit and it wasn’t really happening. The product built up but it began to feel heavy and a bit tacky and didn’t cover up any blemishes. I finished with the Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion concealer and elf Beautifully Bare Powder. The powder definitely made it look quite dry even though it doesn’t with other products. 

My skin felt quite tight and while it didn’t feel heavy like a full coverage foundation would, I could feel it on my skin. At a distance the skin looks nice. It has a matte/satin finish so not particularly up my alley. After work some of my oils have come through, so it looks less dry. However it really emphasised the texture around my mouth and chin (and I don’t have that much texture).  Basically looked quite patchy and dry. 

Day Two: prepped with Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base and applied with a Beauty Blender.

It applied so much better with the beauty blender. This really helped to hydrate the foundation a bit, so it spread easier and looked more smooth going on. It looked and felt less dry after application. It's still a little hard to build up and feels a little strange on the skin once layered, so I don't think it's one I'd recommend if you want a fuller coverage. It also wore better throughout the day and my skin didn't look dry by the end of the day.

Day Three: Prepped with Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate and applied with a Beauty Blender.

One million times better. Prepping my skin with an oil (even one that sinks in relatively quickly) allowed this to be smoothed over my skin so nicely. It does build up a little better this way, but still nowhere near a full coverage. Overall, my skin now looks glowy instead of dry. I definitely think a beauty blender is the way to go too. My skin does look super glowy at the end of the day, but that's alright with me as it doesn't look greasy. I also didn't set with a powder and I'm surprised that it didn't separate or just come off completely. It's pretty clear now  that this is a product that will require at least some skin prep. I want to try it out with Leo Oil underneath.

Day Four: Didn't prep skin, but mixed a drop of the Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate into the foundation and applied with the elf Ultimate Blending Brush. 

I really wanted to get this to work with a brush as it allows you to get a fuller coverage. Adding a drop of oil definitely helped. It applied more smoothly, and didn't look dry at all. Building it up was also easier with the oil, so I was able to get a solid medium coverage today. Despite mixing the oil in, it wore really well and my foundation still looked really nice at the end of the day.

Day Five: Prepped skin with the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter and Applied with a Beauty Blender.

I think this is my favourite way to wear this product. The beauty blender smoothes it out, and the CT makes my skin look glowy. But it's not too dewy, in the sense that I could comfortably wear this all day at work and not worry about looking shiny.

Dior is being real fishy about releasing the ingredients list so here you go lol

Dior is being real fishy about releasing the ingredients list so here you go lol

It also looked the most skin like to me this way. A nice satin finish that looks really smooth but not like I have makeup on. I only set my t-zone, so I found that throughout the day my skin got a little dewier, but in a nice way. It wore really well, and still looked nice after 10 hours of wear. I do think the beauty blender really helped with avoiding the clinging to dry patches like the elf brush did.

Overall I do like this foundation, I'm just not sure that I'd ever reach for it over one of my foundations ya know? Like does it do anything special? I just feel like it requires a lot of prep for me, and I have pretty normal skin. A beauty blender is definitely the best application method, it cuts through some of the dryness and applies it more evenly. Don't get me wrong, with prep I do think it looks beautiful. However, I don't know if the amount of work it takes is worth it when Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder looks like perfection on my bare ass skin, ya feel? I'd definitely recommend trying a sample first.

I will say, Dior recommends using your fingers and I haven't tried that yet. So maybe I'm missing something. 

At $40 you get 50ml which is a pretty considerable amount (most foundations are around 30ml) so it's a great price for a luxury brand!

Have you guys tried this one out?

x A

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