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Glossier Lash Slick

Glossier Lash Slick



I thought I would come on here and do a quick little review that's a bit more in depth than the one on my story! In case you've been living under a rock, Glossier launched their mascara, Lash Slick*, today. I'm gonna be honest, I was reaaaaaal skeptical of this guy. It wasn't love at first sight, and I'm super picky about my mascaras so I wasn't sure. But more on that later.


"248 formulations later: the perfect everyday mascara. Lash Slick curls and sculpts as it lengthens, enhancing the look of your natural lashes instead of clumping them together or spackling them in product. Teeny-tiny fibers coat lashes from root to tip to create a lengthened baby-extension, while flexible film-forming polymers lift and lock each fiber into place. And it’s water-resistant (not waterproof), so Lash Slick washes off easy with warm water at the end of your day."


Shout out to Glossier's copywriters, they make everything seem like a necessity to me. 

However, at the time that I received this product a few days ago, I had no launch info. I didn't know anything about it or Glossier's claims so I feel like I was able to form a pretty unbiased opinion. Like I said, from the get go I was kind of meh. The packaging isn't exciting to me, I wish they would have at least done holo pink or something more fun. It just seems pretty boring.

Although I do love the G on the cap!

And then... I pulled out the wand, and all my hopes and dreams crumbled. A plastic wand. I have never gotten along with them and I just don't particularly like them in general. I barely even tolerate the Chanel Le Volume wand. So, I was feeling pretty negative about it.

But I gotta say, the product developers over at Glossier also know their shit. Because the formula is absolutely incredible. It's right in the middle of the dry---wet spectrum. It's not so wet that it's clumpy. It's not so dry that it's flaky. It dries fairly quickly, and it does also leave my lashes feeling dry to the touch. If you have sensitive or brittle lashes I would try to use a conditioning primer underneath. Despite it being dry, it's super easy to remove and actually lives up to the claim of being able to be removed with warm water! I know, I was like lol yeah right, but I'm not joking! It kind of crumbles away when you lightly rub warm water on it!

But best of all.... IT DOES NOT SMUDGE. Not even a smidge, look:


one coat v. nothing


two coats


7 hours later

Every mascara smudges on me. No matter what, it's inevitable. Although I rarely wear mascara on my lower lashes, my upper outer lashes fan out pretty far and low. So when I blink or smile, the mascara transfers/smudges onto the area just under and around my lower lashes. Not a cute look but I deal with it. Lash Slick stayed put absolutely and completely. The above test is through being outside in the almost-blistering-already North Carolina heat, so I know it'll be dependable.

So, despite my initial reservations, I'm actually loving Lash Slick. I'm only a few days in, but so far it's performing incredibly well. It's not my most volumising formula, but it is a really nice everyday one. I was able to build it up to two-three coats to get some more volume, but past that it started to get too dry for me to layer.

Glossier stuck true to all of its claims with this one! It's lengthening and not clumpy, perfect for everyday, and removes with warm water!

Lash Slick also sits at what I think is a very reasonable $16 USD / $20 CAD / £14 GBP, a little more than drugstore, but a little less than high end.

I'm sure you'll be hearing more from me as I test this out, but for now I'm loving!

What do you guys think? I'm sure it was all over your instas today, so I'm interested to hear your thoughts!

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