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The Drugstore: As Recommended By You

The Drugstore: As Recommended By You


In my time on the internet, I've gotten a lot of messages asking me why I don't use drugstore products. And the truth is, for a long time, nothing at the drugstore compared to my more expensive stuff. Not to mention the ugly packaging. But in the past few years they've really stepped up their game. So in the spirit of giving the people what they want, here's the drugstore: as recommended by you.

I do want to preface this by saying that I asked for drugstore requests and I really didn't get that many. So I think in reality you're really okay with my Chanel addiction. However, because I can't control my shopping addiction this has turned into an incredibly long post so buckle up.

     As recommended by @mangolikesilk

I've actually been wanting to try this forever, but never felt like spending the $11 on it, so I'm glad this post gave me an excuse. And I've discovered that it's 100% worth your eleven dollars. L'Oreal promises that this hydrates and luminizes skin for an all-over, fresh, natural glow. It's a super lightweight 'lotion' that blends in easily and doesn't leave any sort of residue on the skin. I find that these luminizers generally either feel too dewy or too dry on the skin, but this sits perfectly in the middle.

The range has four shades for a range of skin tones, and I have Fair 901 here. It's a true champagne colour. In terms of how glowy this makes your skin I'd say it's fairly subtle. Which isn't a bad thing. I'd definitely wear this on its own as it makes my skin look super luminous without looking like a disco ball. The perfect every day option.

     As recommended by @especiallygold

This is a new launch for 2018, and the first Wet N Wild product I've bought in probably 5+ years. Again, a lightweight lotiony type consistency with a beautiful champagne pearl, and only $4.99! Unlike the L'Oreal option this stuff is GLOWY (but also not hydrating at all). Almost that sweaty-looking editorial shine. Like right on the edge of being a little too much. Probably not something that I'd wear on its own but it is stunning underneath makeup. I don't find that it prolongs the wear of my makeup at all, but it makes the skin look so radiant. I've tested with the two foundations mentioned below as well as the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder. The CT wore normally for me, I just looked even more glowy than usual (fine by me).

It's incredibly similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. It doesn't blur my skin quite so much but the glow it gives is nearly the same. I hear it's also really similar to the Becca Backlight Priming Filter! I'm warning you. The glow is strong.

     As recommended by my friend Hannah

Spoiler alert: I'm astonished by how much I like this foundation. I'm not really into PF in general, their products are pretty expensive and the shade ranges are generally horrible. But my friend Hannah raaaaaaaves about this one and after prompting from you guys I went ahead and picked it up. PF claims that it's "a long-wearing, buildable, and breathable foundation that provides lightweight, medium-to-full coverage with a healthy, satin finish." A perfect description with no grandiose claims, how refreshing.

This gives you a decent medium coverage with a nice lovely finish that truly looks like skin. It definitely requires some spot concealing if you have problem areas but in general it evens out the looks of the skin without looking like you're wearing makeup. I love the formula, hate the packaging. It's one of those stupid giant wands. The issue being that the formula is too 'dry' for this kind of applicator. It just takes forever to get enough product out. If they switched to a pump I'd be crowing praises for this from the rooftops. It really is beautiful.


     I had Ulta rewards so why not don't judge me

I saw this all over the internet when the launch was first announced and then didn't really hear anything about it so I thought why not? And I'm glad I did because wow

Generally I find stick foundations to be quite thick and dry, but this beaut is so lightweight and dewy. The super creamy texture blends effortlessly into the skin, and I personally find that it wears pretty well. It doesn't look super perfect at the end of the day like some of me other bases, but for $9 I'm not complaining.

For some reason I thought this was launching with some crazy huge colour range. They have 18 shades, which is good for drugstore, in an impressive range of undertones.

     As recommended by @streethaus

I have nothing but good things to say about this. In fact, I'd forgotten how much I love it. Think NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but lighter weight and a little less dry. It gives a decent amount of coverage and a skin-like finish. Perfect for my undereyes. And the lightest shade is actually light enough to highlight with! However, the rest of the shade range is surprisingly average considering how many the foundation range has.

     As recommended by @lindsay.melvin

As I said in the video, this one is average. It's a nice texture, and has an okay amount of coverage so for $5 it's nothing to stick your nose up at. It just didn't blow me away or make me want to purchase it over other concealer. Also, Lindsay did ask me to try just any NYX concealer in general so perhaps there's better ones out there.

     It sounded pretty

I was hoping that this would be similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Airbrush whateverthelongnameis Powder. It doesn't quite hold a candle to it, but for $6 it's pretty close. It's a super smooth powder that sets foundation without making it look like you're wearing powder. The main difference is that this doesn't blur the skin quite as much as the CT, but it does keep the skin looking beautiful all day. I do hear, however, that it's not great if you have really dry skin as it tends to cling to dry patches.

The packaging on this one looks pretty nice, but in my experience all of the mirrors have this weird residue on them that won't come off so it isn't ideal for taking on the go.


     I know I saw this on someone's Instagram but I can't for the life of me remember who!

Now this blew me away. This is one of the most beautiful blush formulas I've come across. In fact, I've bought the other shades as well. It's a beautiful sheer formula that allows your skin to show through, but still gives you a pop of colour. The texture is incredibly smooth so it doesn't look powdery at all on the skin. I absolutely love. And TWO DOLLARS!

     I was intrigued.

If you know me, you know I can't resist a good cream blush. This cream to powder formula is fairly firm and definitely requires fingers to blend out. But once you do, it's the most beautiful sheer peach shade. Not as long wearing as some of my other options, but does give the skin a lovely glow. And because the formula is a little bit stiffer, it's not so emollient so it's not as tacky feeling. A good cream blush for those who don't like cream blush!

     As recommended by @ohheythistoo

These have been all over the Internet for quite a while, so I'm happy to have finally tried them out. However, I will say it's really not my cup of tea! This shade, Precious Petals, at least was just a little too sparkly and not smooth enough for me. Maybe I got a dud, but it wasn't the blinding highlight that I was expecting based on reviews. Pretty, but not my favourite.

     I'm pretty sure I've seen Allana talk about this

On the other side of the spectrum, I haven't heard much about this highlight but it is absolutely beautiful. I picked up the shade Moonlight Pearls. The formula is so smooth and gives such a radiant glow that doesn't look powdery at all. I definitely think that once you wear the top layer away a bit it gets a lot more intense. I didn't find that I needed to scrape the top layer off as some people too, it just gets more pigmented after a couple of uses. I've been reaching for this every day over all of my other highlights. I also want to try out the baked blushes, apparently those are beautiful!


     As recommended by @_laura_lutz_

Another absolute win. This $5 pan is one of the most beautiful bronzers I've ever used. As you can see in the video, I'm a little shocked by how similar this is to the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow formula. It's pigmented, but goes on the skin almost sheer, allowing freckles to show through. The result is healthy looking bronzed skin instead of heavily contoured. It is a touch orange, but I'm a pale princess so on most people it'd probably be fine. Again, I've been reaching for this over everything! Absolutely beautiful.

     As recommended by @_laura_lutz_

This one is compared to the Benefit Gimme Brow, which I've never personally used, but for me it doesn't beat the Glossier Boy Brow. It's not a waxy enough formula to hold my brows in place. It is, however, a nice colour. The tint it gives your brows isn't too orange, and at $2 I can't really complain.

And about ten years later we have finished! If you've made it this far, bless you.

What are your favourite drugstore products?


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