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The Rodin Lipstick Wardrobe

The Rodin Lipstick Wardrobe



I am crying. There are literal tears rolling down my face. Because these are so beautiful. Angelic. There was a choir of angels singing as I opened this package. This is the Linda Rodin Lip Wardrobe and it is perfection.

Linda has added 5 new shades to her classic line, rounding out the collection which is full of bright, bold colours as well as a few more wearable options.

The formula is super creamy (in my head they were matte for some reason?), and infused with Rodin's signature Jasmine and Neroli oils. A check of the website informs me that Rodin calls these a 'soft matte,' so my brain wasn't off, however I wouldn't say these are anywhere near that. I think blotted and with a lip liner you could get there.

I wore Heavenly Hopp today and it wore for probably 5 hours before it was totally gone. Obviously, this is a nude shade so fading is okay. I'll definitely let you know how the bold shades wear on me.


The five lip liners, So Mod, Tough Tomato, Winks, Billie on the Bike, and Red Hedy, are matched up to the original colours but can be used under the new ones as well to switch em up a little. I haven't tried these on my lips yet, but they feel similar to the MAC formula, so I'm sure they're mega long-wearing.

I'm personally a big fan of the Lip Balm, but it's definitely a pricy one. However I will say the Lip Balm Ring is super fun and a more manageable $15.


a berry stained fuchsia (I swear mine is different than everyone else's, mine is like a medium rose) EDIT: I believe this one is actually Berry Baci and the labels were mixed up, waiting on confirmation.


a muted berry-violet (much brighter than I would expect from swatches, again my camera makes this lean more pink, but a gorgeous colour!) EDIT: I believe this one is actually Pinky Winky and the labels were mixed up, waiting on confirmation.

Hope you're liking these swatch posts! Let me know what else you want to see.

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