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A Guide to Buying Luxury Beauty

A Guide to Buying Luxury Beauty


If you've been following my blog for a while, you've probably noticed a major shift to it featuring a lot of 'luxury' makeup products. Because that's what I enjoy and would rather spend my money on. I figure why buy a $40 foundation from Tarte (not that I'll ever bee buying from them) when I could spend $10 more and get Chanel? Ya feel?

Anyway, a lot of you guys ask where to start when buying high end makeup. Obviously it's hard to drop $50 on a single product and honestly makes me cringe every single time (until I get home and unwrap the branded tissue paper and open my new jewel, it's like an experience okay?).

My first tip is to research. Just because it costs a lot doesn't mean it's worth a lot. Whether the means that it's a shit product or that it's not worth it to you (more on that later). I spend a lot of time reading reviews from multiple skin types and trying to find swatches on people a similar skin tone before I even go to a counter to try something (if I can). Try a sample if it's available, to make sure you like it. Most counters will happily give them to you. And if you still want it after all that then you damn well deserve it okay? But really, my friend Adia recently told me to wait a full day before buying something, which I think is great advice. Even though I frequently don't follow it (shame).

Next, buy things that you will genuinely use. I'm a sucker for a designer lipstick, case in point this beauty from Chanel, but I also rarely wear lipstick so it's stupid to spend $38 on one. Base products however, specifically foundations, are something I'm willing to splurge on. In general, the formulations are better (although there are totally great products at the drugstore) and they're also something that I wear 6/7 days a week meaning I'll get a ton of use out of them. So, if you're a lippie person buy that lipstick! Love eyeshadows? Buy that Tom Ford palette! If you're spending the money, just make sure it's on something you'll really love. And if you don't, return it. I promise you will regret keeping a $50 lip stain you never touch.

Along that line, spend your money on classic things that you'll continue to use, not on trends or out there (for you) things. I feel the same way about clothes. I'd never spend $30+ on a neon blue eyeliner because I'd probably wear it once. However, if that's your thing go for it! IMO you can't go wrong with a foundation, blush, or cream eyeshadow. Those seem to be the things that I usually gravitate towards at the heavenly counters.


ALSO, at least 75% of the reason I buy so much of this expensive crap, the packaging (as evidenced by the 30 million pictures in this post, let alone on my Instagram). And I think this is the reason that luxury makeup is so popular. Each item is like a little treasure to add to your dragon hoard (because if you're in it as deep as me you are now Smaug). There are some fairly nice things at the drugstore nowadays, but nothing will ever compare to the weight of a Chanel lipstick or Dior compact, soz Maybelline.

Pretty packaging also means that they're practically home decor items, so you can be like me and have a literal shrine to Chanel on your vanity. Double duty! BUT, sometimes these brands can skimp on $ too. For example, I bought one of the Chanel Palette Essentiels, which I do love, but the packaging was so light and plasticy! Would've been much more worth the money in my opinion if it were a heavier, sleeker package. I get it's for traveling but still, le sigh. Anyway what I'm saying here is make sure you get your money's worth in all categories. Unless you don't give a shit about packaging, in which case why are you reading this blog? (I kid). Kjaer Weis is new to me but this packaging is so heavy and so beautiful that it kind of makes me want to buy every product on their website and bankrupt myself. 


So! Some of the things in my collection that I personally think are worth the money:

FOUNDATION: My favourite thing to spend money on. I will forever be searching for the next "perfect" foundation and I absolutely love trying new ones. Some of my favourites are the Chanel Les Beiges, Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, Burberry Fresh Glow, and Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder. (I have reviews of all of these in some capacity, just search!)

CHEEKS: I've become a bronzer and blush convert in the last few years and have quickly amassed quite a collection of each. I love the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow (an all time fave), and recently fell in love with the Chanel Le Blush Crème. Highlights are also a lovely thing to splurge on, I generally find the formulas to be much smoother and more radiant looking on the skin. I'm all about Dior's offerings, as well as the Burberry Fresh Glow Pen.

EYESHADOWS: I'm not really an eyeshadow person, so I tend to go for the cream version. But if you're a powder gal then research away! There's tons of great things out there. I'm fairly partial to the Burberry Eye Colours. Back to the creams, I obviously love Chanel. In fact, I wax lyrical about them. The Ombre Première and Illusion D'Ombre are both incredible. Also recently picked up the Dior Meteore Fusion Mono and it is gorgeous (although I'd go for a Chanel first).

LIPS: I know, I just said I'm stupid for buying high end lipsticks. BUT. I think if you can find a good shade match, it's nice to treat yourself to an everyday colour from a luxury brand. Let me tell you, I love pulling a fancy ass lipstick out of my bag for a touch up. Makes me feel powerful, like I could be the next James (Jane) Bond.

NAIL POLISH: Last but very not least, if you're dead unsure, go for a nail polish. I truly don't think you can go wrong. Unless it's like pastel yellow or something in that case you're doing it wrong (I'm sorry but it's guaranteed to be streaky). Chanel polish was the first product from the brand I ever owned and I still keep the bottle even though it's just full of sticky, dried out glitter. They updated the formula recently and it has dramatically improved, one of my all time favourites. Nail polishes are generally lower in price point, so they don't hurt the soul quite so much. Although all the pretty jewel tones are enough to make you want to buy ten at once. I love Pirate, Organdi, and Washed Denim.


I hope this somewhat helped you guys (?). Less of a guide and more of a waffle about how much I love luxury makeup. Please ask any more questions you have!

Which pricy products are on your wishlist?? As if I needed to add to mine...

Always remember, you deserve it.

x A


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