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New In

New In




I've been a bit of an impulse shopper lately.

I mean, I haven't really meant to but I keep finding myself in Sephora. Accidentally. I've been in a bad mood, okay? I actually do need to calm down because my bank account hates me but it's fine (!!!). Also, I've gotten a few cool PR packages this week so I thought I'd talk about those too!

I've been absolutely freakin obsessed with Allana Davison's videos lately so 90% of these purchases are her fault. She always raves about the Lancôme Matte Shakers and the Monsieur Big Mascara, so I had to pick both up obviously. The Monsieur Big is my favorite mascara ever and even beats the Chanel Le Volume. It. is. so. good. At first I wasn't super interested in this launch because the promo photos looked really clumpy. But then I was like wait they're sharing promo photos with real mascara on the lashes and not those stupid fake lashes that look drawn on. A miracle!!! And then I started seeing it on people and I decided I needed it. It's got a pretty big brush, but it's not so big that you can't actually use it and the formula itself is one of my favourites. I'm big into quite dry mascaras, but that means they can often flake. This one is sort of creamy (?) so it's not watery but also not dry. It delivers huge volume that's fairly buildable (although I wouldn't add more after it dries) and it doesn't smudge. $25 isn't exactly ideal for mascara but it beats my $32 Chanel and is leagues above any drugstore alternatives I've found.

Honestly, I'm kind of obsessed with most of these products so I'll try not to keep saying it but the Lancôme Matte Shakers are incredible. Again, I wasn't super interested in these because I figured they'd probably be sheer like the juicy ones and the applicator seems weird for what's essentially a liquid lipstick. But the color is actually super intense and long wearing, this is one of the best liquid lip formulas I've ever tried. They're so comfortable, wear really well, don't bleed at all, and are totally layerable if you need to reapply. I still don't love the big applicator, but the formula makes it worth it for me. I beg Lancôme to come out with more shades. But so far I've got Beige Vintage, a dusty rose, and Redy in Five, an orangey red that isn't too orange. 

Speaking of new liquid lipstick formulas I literally just picked up this NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Save the Queen and it's also amazing!! I'm honestly surprised at myself because I usually am not a liquid lipstick person but these are just too good! This is also a super thin, super lightweight formula that do not budge without sacrificing comfort. It's also got kind of a weird applicator, but in the opposite sense that it's a teeeeny tiny point. I don't hate it because it's pretty easy to get a really precise line. Save the Queen is an incredible mauvey colour that's a lil dark but still neutral. I wore this yesterday to work and it lasted through coffee, French bread, and a grilled cheese. It was a cheat day. Anyway, I'm really impressed by this one as well and definitely want to pick up more shades!

The internet is of course going crazy over the Fenty Beauty launch, and I myself stayed up until 3AM to place an order. I originally got the Matchstix in Starstruck as well as the Foundation. The foundation looked really beautiful, but did require a lot of work not to look dry on my skin. I'm also 99.9% sure it was breaking me out so it had to go back. The Matchstix however is beautiful! The shade Starstruck is described as an "icy pearl." It definitely looks muuuuch more icy on the skin, it has a really high shine without being dewy. The formula is really interesting, it's super light weight and almost feels dry like a powder. it remind me a little of the NARS Multiple in Copacabana.


I had been debating picking up one of the Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palettes, but decided on the LORAC Pro 3 because it has 10 more shadows for a little less. I have the original Pro palette and really love it (I've almost used up one of the shadows which is very unusual for me), but I found that a few of the shades were just too dark and I rarely used them. This is the ideal neutrals palette, it doesn't have a random pink or purple, all of the shades are beautiful and work perfectly together. I've seen a lot of people complain about the pigment and fallout of this palette. I personally find the shadows super pigmented like the first palette, and while there is a bit of kickback I sort of expect that with matte shadows. So far I've been reaching for Rose Bronze and clay a lot, so I'm expecting to run out of those first (LORAC please make singles!!) I've got a tutorial coming up featuring this and the NARS hippie so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I also picked up the Shiseido Cotton Pads at Ulta and I don't get the hype. They're nice, but not any nicer than my Target ones and I feel like they're much too big for me. Won't be repurchasing! I've gotten some pretty awesome skincare PR packages lately and have been loving two of the lines. I'm a little blown away by the Allies of Skin* products, they just really worked. The 1A Overnight Mask* is my new favourite night time moisturizer, I find that it's as nourishing as an overnight mask without feeling thick or heavy, it really just sinks into the skin. I'm also loving the Molecular Saviour Mist*, which is a super fine revitalizing mist that feels so good throughout the day. This line has a ton of really interesting ingredients so I'm probably going to do a full review and talk about those there.

I've also been trying out some things from the Lierac Hydragenist line*. The Moisturizing Serum* has probably been my favourite so far. It's an oxygenating serum containing hyaluronic acid, pure oxygen (?), and fruit acids. It's supposed to provide major hydration without feeling sticky or heavy. So far, I really like the texture and feel of this, so will report back once I've had more time to try it out!

Do you guys have any new things in?


*Some products in this post have been sent to me for consideration. This post is not sponsored and as always all thoughts are my own.


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