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On the Vanity 01

On the Vanity 01


I'm a lover of pretty packaging. If you don't already know this from visiting this blog I'm going to ask you to make an optometrist appointment at once. It's no secret I tend to treat myself (and spend too much, sorry wallet) to pretty things when I meet a goal or have had a tough week. And why shouldn't I? I strongly dislike when people hate on others for stuff like that. Anyway, back to this post. Sort of like an ITG Top Shelf, I want to start showing you guys the things I rotate out on display. Why? Because it's damn pretty.

Some of these things are old faves, but most are new new which I tend to do as it's painful to put a new Chanel lipstick in the drawerful I currently have.

Speaking of, how freaking gorgeous is this new LE Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet? Not going to lie, I mostly bought this for the incredible packaging. That red tube is amazing and I love a good satisfying click packaging. I went for the shade No. 02, which is a fairly neutral semi-bright red. Chanel calls it a matte but I think it's more satin. I'm yet to wear it, but I have spent the last few days staring at it. 

My go-to Chanel lippie is the Rouge Coco in 434 Mademoiselle. This formula is gorgeous, it's a nice full coverage cream, but it feels super lightweight. Plus it's full of hydrators like Jojoba Butter and Sunflower Wax to keep lips from getting dry.

Another click-tastic lipstick is the Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in Beige Mirage. I'm a little unsure about the colour, a light pinky nude, I think it does wash me out a bit. I definitely need to use a darker lipliner underneath it. Regardless, Lancôme killed it with this packaging. If you haven't seen the limited holiday packaging you need to look it up, heart eyes all around.

To the left is the Chanel Ombre Première in Undertone, a gem that is both pretty to look at and something that I use on a very regular basis. It's a beautiful warm gold and a lil sparkly, a lil sheeny, and basically the perfect everyday eyeshadow. Plus the cream formula makes it incredibly easy to apply, but lasts all day long. 


Behind those is the pillar of gold that is the Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Morning Aura Illuminating Crème. This is a truly beautiful product. It's part moisturizer, part illuminator and leaves the skin looking glorious. However, I could never ever justify the $95 price tag. If you can find it at a Cosmetics Company Store it's a bit cheaper, but you're better off with the MAC Strobe Cream or something similar if not.

I've got the Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil here purely for show as I'm pretty sure it's extremely expired. It also goes for $150+ on eBay (actually insane?) so I'm about ready to sell it. Sorry Bobs.


Another beautiful body oil is the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Or, an amazing bronzey gold oil that I like to use on my décolletage (oooo fancy). I mentioned this one in my Glossy, Shiny, Sparkly Holiday Edit. This gives you a perfect shimmery sheen without looking like you actually put anything on.


I'm very lucky to have received some beautiful goodies from Rodin, the Olio Lusso Geranium & Orange Blossom Luxury Face Oil and the Lip Balm. I have been dying to try the Olio Lusso forever. Since ITG posted an article about it seven years ago in fact. This was way before I was into skincare but I saw that and thought I'd buy it for myself one day. But it is expensive. Very, very expensive. $170 expensive. Linda says it's this price because they use the finest oils available and not gonna lie it is a beautiful product. One of her friends said, 'You know, if Chanel were alive, she would have made this oil. It’s simple, it’s great.' I'm big into simple skin products at the moment, so I am loving it, but it's probably not something I'll repurchase until I'm a millionaire and can buy whatever I want. If you want something similar I think that the Jordan Samuel Skin Étoile Facial Oil is extremely close. I may do a proper review of this in a Face Oil Edit post, so let me know if you'd be interested.

The Lip Balm is something a little easier to treat yourself to, it's a lovely light formula made with the same oils that are in the Olio Lusso. It comes in a gorgeous heavy acrylic compact, and is something I like to use during the day because it's so lightweight. I think my next treat to myself is going to be one of Linda's incredible lipsticks (not that I need another lipstick at all).


Speaking of never needing lip products, I've got a nice lil stack of Lilah B. Divine Duos out as well. This is 100000% my favourite Lilah B. product, and I love to use them on both my lips and cheeks. My go-to colours are b. lovely, a pinky beige, and b. dazzling, a gorgeous warm shimmery champagne. 


The Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow sits out not only for looks, but because I use it nearly every day. If you couldn't tell from my 'A Love Letter to Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow' post, I adore the stuff.

Last but not least is my cup of Glossier Generation G Lipsticks, which I reach for very very frequently. These are a gorgeous matte tinted lip balm. They're a diffused matte colour that look different on everyone, which I think is really fun.

There are six colours Cake, a peachy nude, Like, a light pink, Jam, a deep magenta, Crush, a hot raspberry pink, Zip, a poppy red (inspired by the pouch zippers), and Leo, a warm brown.It's quite a wide colour range, and basically give you a full lip wardrobe. I love these because they look gorgeous on the lips but can also be used on the cheeks in a rush (or not, I just think they look gorg), and I even use Leo on the eyes every now and again if I'm really feeling a monochrome look. They're the perfect every day lip option.

I've of course got a Balm dot Com out as well, despite the fact that I have three in the drawer underneath, two next to my bed, and god knows how many in my bag. It's a problem okay?

Do you guys display pretty products or store everything away?

x A


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