Best in Bases: Burberry Fresh Glow

There's been a lot of searchin' for this on the blog lately and I realized that I never put up a proper Best in Bases post! So here we are...


The formula also contains Burberry's 'English' signature blend of rosehip, lavender, and tea. I absolutely love when brands put skincare ingredients in their base products. It makes me feel so much better about having to wear foundation for a long period of time. We all know how much I love rosehip oil, and while this will be a small dose it helps reinforce the skin healing properties. Both it and tea are also rich in antioxidants, which help protect your skin from free-radical damage.

The shade range isn't anything to write home about, but it is alright and if you like a yellow-toned foundation (which I def do) you shouldn't have a problem finding a shade. I personally use shade No. 12 which is Ochre Nude. They do a Porcelain which is actually super light (yay), and go down to No. 66 (strange numbering system). 

The packaging is also bloody gorgeous. Obviously from Burberry it'd have to be. It comes in a nice tall rectangular jar with this metal cover stamped in the signature Burberry plaid. The pump is a serious goodun and dispenses the perfect amount of foundation. I really don't understand why they all can't be like this. It also locks! Genius!

On a whole, it has good coverage for everyday, looks freakin beautiful on the skin, and lasts well. It's definitely a keeper for me and one that I reach for several times a week. I'm a little worried that I'm getting quite near the end of my bottle, so I think I'll need to keep a restock in the back of my mind.

Have you ever used any of Burberry's base products?


There are so many things I can say about the Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation, but I'll start with telling you that it ticks all my boxes. It's one of my dream foundations and one of the three I use on an extremely regular basis (THE best in bases anyone?). It has good coverage, is an awesome match for me, and makes your skin look perfectly dewy without ever getting greasy.

It's a water based foundation, which I find generally work the best for my skin in terms of blendability and wearability. The formula feels light as as on the skin despite having silicone ingredients, and sits so beautifully without sinking into pores. I was a little worried about how long this would last on the skin because typically glow foundations tend to sort of disappear. But, this one I can wear for a full day of school and work and it tends to look better as I wear it. 

The formula has teeny tiny little light reflecting pigments, making your skin look supermodel glowy without looking overly dewy. These are undetectable on the skin but if you looks closely at the bottle you can see them reflecting. I think "radiant" is the best way to describe the finish it gives. I will say upon first application I was kind of like eh, but it does set down a bit into a gorgeous satiny finish and that my friends is the wow moment.

This is baaaaasically perfect skin in a bottle, I'm not sure how to explain to you how smooth it makes the skin look. However, because it is a medium coverage, you'll need to spot conceal breakouts. I recommend something a bit thicker like the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer, you can layer this under and on top of the foundation to perfectly conceal everything.