The Best of Jordan Samuel Skin

A deliciously simple routine that works from one of the kindest people in the industry 

I realized the other day that while I talk about Jordan and his incredible line of skincare products quite a lot on Instagram, I've never done a dedicated post. So for all of you that are always asking me my thoughts on these beauts here you go...

The Edit: Hannah

I've been dying to do makeup interviews (sort of top shelf style) here on the blog forever. But I obviously don't have budget to fly around and take photos of my blogger friend's makeup bags!

So I decided to start closer to home with my coworker and dear friend Hannah. She's the only person I know in real life who's as beauty obsessed as me, so this should be a long one! So here's what's in her every day makeup bag...

The Makeup Base Edit

I've never really been a primer person, it's always just seemed like an unnecessary step to me. But priming moisturizer, that's a different story.

In my mind there is nothing worse than foundation going onto dry skin. But on the other hand, sometimes moisturizer under makeup makes it wear off faster or look a little too dewy. So I began to amass a collection of moisturizing products that wear really really well under makeup. These beauts leave your skin looking primed and perfect, and foundation just glides on top.