Sticking to a Routine

Sometimes during the summer, with no routine set in place, the days just kind of slip away without having done anything. And then you suddenly get slammed back into a semester with a huge course load and immediately fall behind. Can't wait. So in an attempt to prepare myself for this, I've been trying to stick to beauty and lifestyle routines to get me going.

The biggest thing I've started doing recently is reading before bed. I've always been a huge bookworm and generally read books anyway. But, I know we're all guilty of staring at our phones in the darkness before we go to sleep. So instead of frying my brain, I've been trying to leave my laptop and phone on my desk and night and falling asleep to a good book. I light a nice candle next to my bed and almost immediately get sleepy (and then I obviously blow the candle out, not tryna set fire to my house). Honestly, I don't think I've slept so well in a long long time. I'm also finding that settling into this routine is starting to make my body realize it's time for bed and I fall asleep much faster. I've just finished Graham Norton's Holding which was pretty weird not gonna lie, and am starting The Muse by Jessie Burton. Book recommendations please!

Now, in the morning I've been setting my alarm for 8. Probably doesn't seem super early for most of you, but I used to be a sleep till 10 everyday kinda person and I hated it. With my phone across the room I actually have to get up and turn my alarm off. And then I go make a cup of tea. Being able to relax in the morning instead of getting up and rushing around to get ready for work has made me feel so much more stress-free. Another morning ritual is applying sunscreen. I've always been a sunscreen wearer, but now I apply it every single day. Especially since using the Glossier Invisible Shield, which is so easy there's no excuse not to use it. I know in the future I'll be thanking my self for taking care of my skin, so I try to be really diligent about it (even on rainy days like today). On the other hand, I've never really been a big perfume-wearer. For some reason recently, my brain decided that a spritz of perfume on the way out the door makes me feel more put together. Maybe this is my brain trying to convince me that I can buy expensive perfumes if it's something I use all the time (amirite?).
In more makeup related routines, I've come to the realization that I have for too many lipsticks for someone who rarely wears lipsticks. So, I decided this week to start wearing some form of lipstick every day. Whether it be a Glossier Gen G sheer tint or a bright-ass red. Every day. I know I'll never use them all up, but it makes me feel slightly less guilty about owning so many. Last but not least on the list is taking care of my hair. Ever since the chop, I've been trying to use less heat-tools, and just letting my hair do its thing. This means controlling the wild frizz, so I've started using haircare products (who am I?). Usually I'm the shampoo and condition and that's it girl, but I've recently started using the Kristin Ess Leave-In Conditioner and my hair loves it. Next on the list are the serum and moisture mask, hello perfect locks!

I really need to add applying body lotion every day to this list (my poor unloved limbs), what routines do you try to stick to?

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