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I use face mists quite a lot (and have a lot of them), but I realized that I don't really talk about the step in my routine very much here! So I thought I'd just do an entire post about them. To me, there are two separate categories of mist: skincare and makeup. Skincare mists are ones I generally use on bare skin, makeup mists are ones I obviously use over makeup! I think mists are great because they can wake you up, or provide a boost of hydration, or tone, all without needing to touch your face!

S  K  I  N

My first mist loves are and always will be the Pixi Skin Mists. These beauts are all targeted for different concerns, and my most used is definitely the Hydrating Milky Mist. This one has hyaluronic acid to attract water, as well as black oat, vitamin A, and linoleic acid. I generally use this as a layer underneath serums and moisturizers. The other from the range that I consider a skin mist is the Vitamin Wakeup Mist. This one is lovely to use in the morning as it's really refreshing and smells delicious. It has an orange-blossom water base and citrus fruit extracts to hydrate and awaken skin. 

At night I really like to use toning mists like the Kani Rose Tonic, Terra Luna Floral Mist, and MUN Anarose Toner. All three are rosewater-based toners that help to balance skins pH after cleansing. I love all three of these equally, but they are slightly different. The Kani contains aloe to calm, MUN's has hyaluronic acid, and Terra Luna's uses ylang ylang and jasmine oils as well as witch hazel. I mainly use the NOTO Basil Yarrow Mist on my body in the summer when it's incredibly hot out as a refresher. It also has a rosewater base, but contains calming basil oil, ylang ylang, and chamomile as well. I've had the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic forever, so I don't use it anymore. But it is a really nice mix of cucumber, canlendula, and chamomile that is super refreshing. The Sangre de Fruta Jasmine de Nuit Botanical Tonic has a pretty strong scent, so I generally use this one as a linen spray instead of on my face!

M  A  K  E  U  P

Makeup mists are ones I use to set or refresh my makeup. Most of these you can also use on bare skin, but I just personally prefer they way they work over makeup. I will say first up, the MAYA Water Facial Mists are ones I use allll the time, whether on bare skin or not. I'm including them here because the mist is so incredibly find that it doesn't disturb makeup at all. Maya water mists are spring-sourced thermal water mists that are infused with antioxidants to actually help your skin as well as refresh it. 

Right, onto more makeup-setting type mists! The MAC Fix + is obviously hugely popular and remains one of my favourites. I really can't get on board with those facial sprays that make your makeup not budge even a smidge. I prefer a lived-in look and honestly find that my makeup looks better as the day goes on. So, the Fix + is a staple for me! I think I have three bottles at the moment, and I tend to reach for it pretty often! I love that the mist is really fine, I think it really helps powders to mesh into you skin. I don't know that it specifically prolongs the wear of my makeup, I just like the way my makeup looks after using it. 

My favourite proper setting mist is probably the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. I'm currently on my second bottle of the stuff and I really love it. It's a rosewater and aloe base, so I find that it soothes my skin, but I also definitely notice a difference in the longevity of my makeup when using this. It just looks nicer for longer, and it doesn't add too much extra glow like some of my other faves. Speaking of, I think you guys already know of my love for the Pixi Glow Mist. This is probably my third bottle of this magic potion. I get how this makes my skin super glowy, it's full of 13 natural oils, aloe vera, and fruit extracts. What I don't understand is how this also makes my makeup look perfect and glowy all day. You'd think it'd break your makeup down over time, but it just makes you glowwww.

The newest additions to my collection are the Complex Beauty Afterglow Complexion Mist and Lilah B Aglow Face Mist (which I'm now realizing have very similar names lol). I had originally assumed the Complex Beauty mist was only a setting spray, but I'm glad I read the ingredients because it's actually also for your bare skin! It contains oleic and glycolic acid, as well as lavender water and aloe vera to soothe. CB say that you can use this over makeup as well to give you a glow. I haven't used it enough to properly review, but I'm putting it into my routine now so thoughts are to come! I received Lilah B's offering right before I left for England, so I've only used it a few times but it is a really beautiful product. It's full of botanical extracts like lavender, fig, and dandelion (!) which are all soothing and rejuvenating plus have antioxidant properties (my fave). It really hydrates the skin and makes your makeup look lit from within!

Do you guys use face mists in your routine? What are your faves?

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