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Have you ever seen products of mine that look so beat up? That poor Boy Brow (lol), and my CT palette could use a good scrub. Not gonna lie, I tried to photoshop all the smudges and scratches off of my mascara. But that just proves that I use the heck out of them! I've been sticking to this makeup for a few weeks now and have had a lot of questions about what I've been using, so here's the low-down.

I don't really do much as far as skincare goes in the morning. I'll usually just use a bit of Pixi Glow Tonic and of course my Glossier Invisible Shield. But I've been using the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow under my makeup every day for several months now. It's basically glowing skin in a bottle. The 'soft-focus' claim is pretty accurate, I feel like it blurs and evens the skin and perfectly primes it for makeup. My foundation of choice lately has been the matching Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation. This stuff might actually be magic. It covers my redness and any imperfections I need, looks super skin like and dewy, but actually lasts really well. The liquidy formula I find works best with a brush or my fingers, a beauty blender sheers it out too much. I just actually can't explain how smoothing this is though, I feel like it makes my skin look silky. Absolute love.

For any additional concealing I'm forever using my Glossier Stretch Concealer. This stuff is the love of my life and I'm very nearly at the end of my pot. I obviously already have a backup, but this is the first time I've finished a makeup product completely in a long time so that's saying something. To keep it all locked in during the hellish summer weather, I've been using the new Glossier Wowder. I kind of love/am annoyed by this. It really blurs the skin, cuts shine, and doesn't look at all like powder. Which is incredible. But the trampoline mesh is a pain in my butt. I think it's genius because powder doesn't spill everywhere, but I do have to work a little too hard to get product out. Obviously I'm willing to do this because I really like the product, but just a lil heads up!
On my cheeks, I cannot be without the Glossier Cloud Paints. I honestly love all of the shades, but my pick of the moment is Beam. This just looks so fresh and summery and kinda sunburn-y. I love it. The formula of these is almost gel-stain like. They blend effortlessly and do not look like makeup at all. Almost like a watercolour paint, and they last all day on my skin (which is some kinda miracle). I'm skipping the icy highlights at the moment and am favoring more of a bronzey glow. MAC's Hush Cream Colour Base has been my recent go-to. It's kind of like a peachy-gold sheen that pairs perfectly with Beam. I'll probably never stop using the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow palette. This bronzer is literally my perfect shade. The formula is so dreamy, it sort of creates a bronzed veil that still lets your skin show through. So beautiful. For my lips I'm a little too lazy to wear anything most days, so the Birthday Balm Dot Com is perfect for a little added shimmer.

I'll obviously always be into brows, but lately I'm leaving them a bit wilder. Instead of properly filling them in, I just use Boy Brow to shape and thicken them up a bit. And then this Kat von D Tattoo Brow. I never thought I'd like something like this, but the tip is so so fine that I can literally draw individual brow hairs on. So the still look full, but fluffy and natural instead of filled in. I found this one at TJ Maxx so definitely be on the lookout! For lashes I've switched back over to the L'Oreal Lash Paradise most days. This one has taken the internet by storm, and for good reason. I'm seeing a lot of people out there applying this really heavily and comparing it to the Too Faced Better Than Sex, but I find that makes it super clumpy. I hated BTS because it flaked so badly on my, but the L'Oreal doesn't budge at all. I apply a light layer which volumizes the lashes and makes them look suuuuuuuper long.

And that's about it! I haven't really worn eyeshadow in a while, I've just been very skin-focused which I love. What have you guys been reaching for lately?

Click here to see the video I filmed of this look!

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