A Wardrobe Wishlist

 I recently donated probably 75 percent of my clothes. And honestly I could probably do more. I've found that I don't wear most of my clothes any more and instead stick to key pieces. Obviously I'm a girl on a budget and don't buy the best quality clothes, so they wear out a little too quickly. So this time around I'm really trying to focus on getting high quality pieces that I'll wear forever and get a lot of use out of.

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On my list for the next few months of wardrobe building are:

01 A grey coat. This is somehow missing from my collection of coats currently. And I need one (right?). I'm basically planning on replacing a lot of my coats anyway because they're getting a bit old, but this grey twill looks beautiful.
02 Oversized scarves. I love oversized scarves, but for some reason all of mine are patterned? Which is absolutely not my style, so I'm on the lookout for some more basic options!
03 The perfect oversized blazer. This is the most elusive item. It's so hard to find a boyfriend blazer that doesn't look like it's swallowing you whole. I'm on the lookout for something in a lighter material that isn't too stiff.
04 The perfect white shirt. Another elusive item. White shirts are always either too stuffy or too casual. My eye is on this one from J Crew, but I'll have to try it on before I decide.
05 A pop of red. I've noticed a lot of people wearing monochromatic outfits with a pop of red in their bag or shoes which I think is so fun! I'd love to find a deep red pair of pointed flats, super chic.
06 An oversized coat. I love my structured coats and trenches, but sometimes I think in the depths of winter I'd like to have a super cozy oversized camel coat. That still looks chic of course. I do have one sort of similar to this though, so maybe I can make it work.

Do you guys keep wardrobe wish lists? A bit of a different post for me, but I thought it'd be nice to keep it documented here with pictures instead of just in my notebook!

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