New Jewelry Additions

I am one hundred thousand percent a minimal jewelry person. I wear the same few pieces every day, in fact I literally never take them off (I sleep and shower in them). So quality is definitely important to me when it comes to my staple jewelry. But lately I've been seeing so many fun statement pieces that I want to try out, but don't want to commit to buying pricier pieces. Hello Forever 21! They have some awesome stuff right now, so I picked a few bits and bobs up to show you! Plus I have a couple of forever pieces to talk to you about so I thought I'd just whack up a blog post!

Starting off with those forever pieces, I get a million questions about where I get my midi rings from. Most are custom made by a local artist, but a few are ones that she sells at craft fairs. She also just told me she has an Etsy page so you guys can get these gorgeous rings too!! They are super well made, and last so so well (and are extremely inexpensive). My oldest ring I've been wearing for 5 years and have actually never taken it off, through showers, chlorinated pool water, chemical peels, still looks brand new! She has a ton of incredible pieces and I have my eyes on some earrings. 

My newest ring addition is the Dual ring from my friend Tamira Jarrel's Mejuri collection. I've been reading Tamira's blog for years, and am lucky to call her a friend now, so I knew I had to pick up a piece. Of course the entire collection is stunning, but I needed the Dual ring. Mejuri's pieces are obviously pricier, but made with incredible materials and less than half the cost of what you would pay at a jewelry store. Plus the designs are stunningly beautiful. Dual is a solid 14k gold band set with a white opal and diamond. It's probably my favourite piece that I own. You can also get the ring with the black diamond, or the gorgeous stud earrings from Tamira's collection!
Okay, onto the funkier pieces. Forever 21 isn't the highest quality in anyone's mind, but it is fun to try out trends without breaking the bank. Plus I managed to find all three pairs online, so you can still get them if you can't find them in the mess that is in-store. You're welcome. I was on the hunt for a pair of tassel earrings, and these Fringe Duster Earrings fit the bill perfectly. I love the addition of the woven knot at the top, I think it makes them look much more expensive. And I personally think they look super high quality, I'll probably be going back for the red. Speaking of, I spotted these Red Bauble Earrings and had to have them. They're super fun, and I love how much they stand out against my dark hair. I also got these Disk Drop Earrings on my way out because they were only $4. I wasn't totally sure about them, but I wore them yesterday and I'm actually in love. So now I'm on the hunt for a higher quality pair that are similar! Any ideas? I've got my eye on several others, so I think an order will be happening soon, oops. 
What kind of jewelry do you guys tend to buy? High quality, trendy, or a mix of both?

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