Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

Okay, please don't hate me. I KNOW this is expensive, and usually I'm a drugstore mascara person through and through. I don't think I've ever spent more than $15 on mascara, and even then I cringed. But this stuff is incredible. And $32. But incredible. This "stuff" is the Chanel Le Volume Mascara

Honestly it's against every fiber in my being to tell you I like this. It's pricy AND it's a plastic brush. I usually cannot stand plastic brushes, I'm a bristle person all the way. So the only explanation is that this mascara is actually magical. It's one of those triple threats that delivers volume, length, and separation without looking clumpy or separating. It's jet black and somehow doesn't transfer, smudge, or flake. All. Day. If you follow me on instagram you probably know that I've been suffering from some serious mascara smudging lately so its a godsend that this stays put (even the non-waterproof version). You'd think this means it's a pain to get off but it's honestly even easier to get off than any of my other mascaras! 

The brush as described as a "snowflake" wand, aka a combination of short and slighter longer spiky bristles made up of stacked plates (seems very complicated to me). It definitely grabs onto every single lash, meaning tons and tons of length and separation. Because the bristles are this snowflake design the lashes are kind of grabbed on all sides so the product builds up super quickly, giving you incredibly dramatic lashes in just one coat. Because of this, it's not really going to be the one for you if you like sort-of natural looking lashes. This basically looks like you've been using a lash serum and you have the most fab lashes ever (a win in my book). The formula itself is fairly wet. I know a lot of people really like this, but I prefer dry formulas in general so I'm thinking this means I'll just grow to love it more as time goes on! I've been using it for about a week so far, and it's already become my favourite mascara ever and my wallet hates me.

I'm sorry to enable you to buy a $30 mascara, believe me, but it's bloody brilliant. So go buy it so I don't feel so bad about it, thank you.

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