Some Shit I Really Like

I was reading Sally's post earlier about going back to the blogging basics and I 100000% percent agree with her. She talks about feeling uninspired, and feeling like she has to talk about products in "collections." I absolutely love doing edit posts but I feel like it's kind of all I do anymore. I used to just review products I loved because I felt like it. But recently, I feel like I've been trying to connect products together into some magazine-esque edit. I'm not saying I'll stop doing those because I do like it. But more that I'm going to start blogging how I used to. By posting about whatever I damn well please.

So anyways, here's some shit I like! I kind of forgot about the Onomie Powerful Priming Serum and started using it again a few days ago. It gives your skin so much hydration and makes it look super radiant. It also contains actives like willowbank (natural source of salicylic acid) and blackjack (natural form of retinol) to help brighten and help with the texture of you skin over time. I'm definitely going to continue using this to see if those claims are true, but from using it the past few days it makes your skin look pretty radiant! Switching to something pretty random, I have been loving the Ritual multivitamins the past few months. The idea behind these is that they're the perfect daily vitamin for women and you only have to take two pills a day to get the benefits of nine ingredients. I'll let you go to the website to read up on them, but they tell you the source of the ingredients and literally everything they do for you, plus the studies they used to decide on them.

I have kind of fallen in love with the Chanel Les Beiges Foundation, I've basically only been wearing this and my Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation. It has a bit of a love or hate reputation online, but I sit firmly in the love category. It's a lightweight creamy texture with a medium coverage and looks glowy without being greasy on the skin. I personally wouldn't say it looks dewy, more like beautifully hydrated skin and we know I love me a skin-like foundation. That sounds so gross if you think too much about it. On me, this lasts really well all day. I just set my t-zone with powder and I'm good to go. Because it's quite hydrating (it has hyaluronic acid in it) if you have oilier skin you'll want to set it properly. The pump on this is also fucking brilliant. I don't know about you guys but some pumps on foundations really miss me off, they dispense weird amounts and just feel difficult to use. This is going to sound so nerdy but this depresses so so easily and I'm kind of obsessed with it and the packaging in general. You get what ya pay for people!!

I've been wearing very very little eyeshadow lately. But I'll make time for this beautiful Chanel Ombre Première Cream Shadow in Undertone. It's such a beautiful warm gold that leans a little icy in certain lights. The formula is super smooth, sets down, and lasts all day. I'm definitely going to be picking up some more colours once I'm off my spending ban! PS, going to the UK next month and will be spending allllll my money there so scold me if you see me buying new things. If I have a little extra time I've also been using a bit of the MAC Pink Opal pigment on my inner corner for an extra kick. I think they stopped making this (boo) but Vanilla is pretty similar, just has less of a duo chrome. I forgot how much I love the MAC pigments and was thinking about picking up some more (you just get so much bang for your buck) but the new packaging really annoys me so I'll be sticking to my oldie-but-goodies for now. I'm also still obsessed with the packaging of this Bobbi Brown x Richard Haines palette so I just threw it in there. I think they're properly sold out everywhere, but we have them at my CCS so check your local one!

I hope you guys are on board with me going 'back to basics' on the blog, if there's anything you'd like to see from me let me know!

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