Repurposing Packaging

After the excitement of getting a package in the mail, I get a bit sick thinking about all of the waste. I 10000000% recycle all of the cardboard, etc., but it got me thinking about the empty packaging of products that I threw away. It's obviously not a new thing now, but I thought I'd do a little post about the ways I reuse packaging as well as fun ideas I've seen on the interwebs!

Obviously Diptyque candle reusing is poppin on Instagram. And I still love it. I use these to store brushes, q tips, paperclips. Basically anything. They're so so pretty. And because they come in different sizes they can store a ton of different things. But Amelia, you say, they're so expensive! Why yes, grasshopper, they are. So I'll let you in on a secret, that big Jasmin jar? I made it (smiley devil emoji). With an old glass and some sticker paper and the logos I found from searching, easy peasy! I also love storing my cotton pads in a pretty jar, because lets be real the plastic packaging they come in is both ugly and a pain in the ass. I've got them in an empty French Girl Organics pot here, tres chic!

I cannot bear to throw away my Supers bottles, they are too pretty. So I have them scattered around the house with wee little flower stems in them, and they look so cute! I'm planning on doing this with some other pretty skincare things as well once I'm out so I'll have a veritable garden! I also think it's really cute to house succulents in diptyque/other branded jars! I'll include a few images of other lil' projects I love here as well. / the beauty lookbook /
the beauty lookbook / tamira jarrell / unknown (help!)
Do you guys repurpose old packaging? Let me know your tips!

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