Drugstore Favourites

It's no secret that I don't really talk about drugstore products very often. I don't think I exclusively talk about high end brands, because we all know I love the Ordinary and Pixi. But when it comes to makeup, I like spending a little extra money for that luxe packaging and higher quality. Because lets face it, most drugstore packaging isn't the prettiest. But! I do have some products from the drugstore that I really do love and reach for often so I thought I'd tell you about them.

B  A  S  E

We all know I'm a foundation-floozy so I've obviously tried a bunch from the drugstore. Generally I don't love them, but these two are really great. The Maybelline Better Skin Foundation is actually up there on my favourite foundations list. So much so that I've almost used this entire bottle. Me. Use up a foundation. Madness. It's got quite a thick, creamy texture but feels really lightweight on the skin and blends easily. The finish is a demi-matte and it has a medium coverage. It's also super long wearing and strangely water-resistant. I used the Pixi Makeup Setting Spray over this yesterday and it took two oil-based cleansers and a makeup wipe to get it off. This is meant to help make your skin better over time but obviously I don't use it often enough to see results from that. A good ol' tried and true foundation is the L'Oreal True Match. I go back and forth between loving and hating this, I think it depends on how my skin is acting. I think the main selling point of this is that it comes in a millllllion shades. It's a super liquidy consistency and provides a decent amount of coverage. It's got a satin to dewy finish and is honestly just really easy. A must try!

The Maybelline Master Concealer is one of the most full coverage concealers I've ever used. It's really creamy and a little bit goes a loooong way. I like it because it isn't super drying on my face, but still lasts well. However, it can definitely be really drying under the eyes so go for the Age Rewind if you're looking for an undereye concealer. I suppose I'll include the NYX Wonder Pencil here because it's sort of a concealer. This little guy is so incredible if you like clean lines in your makeup. I'm not so much bothered any more, but I used to use this around my eyebrows to make them super sharp. I really only use it now to create a really clean and crisp red lip. It makes it super easy to straighten out the lines of your lips, and the creamy formula means it blends effortlessly. The last base products I love from the drugstore are the Pixi Glow-y Powders. They are so finely milled and pigmented and beautiful it's kind of unreal. I wish the packaging was a little nicer, but the product is amazing so I deal with it. My favourite is London Lustre but the other two are equally as gorgeous.

E  Y  E  S

I don't use a ton of eyeshadows period any more, but I do still really like the L'Oreal Infallible Eye Shadows. They're basically like pressed pigments so have a ton of colour payoff and apply really nicely (especially with your finger). The wear time on these is pretty incredible, they basically stay as you applied them from dusk till dawn. Win. I also really love the elf Smudge Pots. I've talked about these before, but they're basically a gel-like cream shadow. The formula is super lightweight but I find that it easily lasts all day on me. My favourite shade is Cruisin' Chic, a taupey brown, but I definitely need to pick some more up! I think elf is generally a huge drugstore win. Their products are pretty hit or miss, but they're so cheap I don't mind picking things up just to try. Plus Target has an awesome return policy so if I reaaaally could be bothered to return things you can. Anywho, I discovered a gem this way...

L  I  P  S

I picked up one of the elf Matte Lip Colours to make my order reach free shipping from Target (lol) and ended up falling in love. That was the shade Rich Red, which conincidentally is kind of like Target's red. It leans a little more orange and I love it. I recently picked up Natural and Tea Rose as well. The formula is similar to the NARS Velvet Matte Pencils, but a little creamier. They seriously last all day, and when you eat they actually fade pretty well (thank god).

As with the eyeshadows, I can't often be bothered with doing a full-on lip. But, the Rimmel Exaggerate Liners make the job a whole lot easier when I decide to. This is one of the first things the blogging community made me buy wayyy back when and I still love em'. They're really creamy so go on like a dream but once they set they seriously stay put. I mostly use Red Diva, but the neutrals like Ravish are nice as well.

S  K  I  N

As far as drugstore skincare goes, I'm a Pixi Loyalist through and through. I have an entire post here about my favourites from the brand. If I had to tell you to go pick up a few things today, I'd say the Glow Tonic, Glow Mud Cleanser, and the new Rose Caviar Essence. These three are my faves at the moment. I don't think that I'll ever stop using Glow Tonic (100% serious, like never), it's incredible. I've started using it in the morning as well instead of washing my face and my skin loves me. I'll have more to say about the caviar essence soon but it feels incredible going on. SO hydrating.

That's it from me! Do you have any drugstore things you can't be without?

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