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The past few weeks I've been trying a few things out and loving them, but haven't been able to work them into a post. So I figured I'd give them their own because I'm the boss!

My new friend Brennan (yes, that Brennan, squeal) gave me this wee sample of the Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser and I quite nearly fainted. I'd been really wanting to try this line and have since ordered several of the products (arriving tomorrow!). Anywho, this is a creamy exfoliating cleanser and I have fallen in love. I typically don't like abrasive cleansers, but this is really gentle and so nice in the morning. Wild Rose is rich in Vitamin C and is super brightening. Obviously cleansers are on your face for about 15 seconds tops so those ingredients don't really do much, but I think the exfoliating beads help reinforce the brightness. The exfoliating agents in this are rice grain, cherry stone, and sugar all of which have round structures and won't cause micro tears in the skin yay!

I bought the Dr. Jart+ Trans-foam Clay in Refreshing Green during the VIB Sale because it just seemed so interesting. These are basically clay masks (there are three different ones) that turn into a cleanser once you start to wash them off. The green one is detoxifying and exfoliating! The French green clay brightens and removes dead skin cells and is supposed to help tighten as well. My skin definitely feels very very clean and smooth after using this, but without that stripping feeling. It also contains hydrogen mineral water and lemon grass, eucalyptus, and tea tree extracts to soothe the skin. Overall I really liked this, it was fun to use and had good results! It's also pretty inexpensive for a high-end mask and I'm thinking about picking up the other two.

The star of this show is the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Pore Cleansing Mask. I don't usually buy Clinique skincare because I always think it's a little boring (sorry Clinique). But I'm really glad I picked this up because it's incredible! Charcoal powder pulls all of the nasties of out your skin, and the mineral clay soaks up oil. Generally I find these masks too drying and a bit too clarifying, but this somehow leaves my skin super super smooth and clean but still hydrated? I'm always really suspicious of products that claim to be "pore minimizing" because that's literally not possible. Your pores are the size that they are and there's no changing that. I think refining though is a really good way to phrase it, my pores looked way less noticeable after using this!

What have you guys been trying out lately? Anything I neeeeed?

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