Five Glossier Favourites

Let's be real, I love all of Glossier's products. They're incredible. But there are some products that I use all the time and have repurchased again and again. One of my top questions in my Insta DMs is what products people should try from the line. So I figured I would narrow it down to an edit of my five must-haves, and here they are!

We all know my obsession for the Milky Jelly Cleanser is too real. It's the love of my life and the product I have repurchased the most. It's just so good. The consistency is cloud-like, bouncy and silky and conditioning, but it gets your skin super clean. The cleansing agent is the same used in contact lens solution, so it's super gentle and you don't have to worry about getting it in your eyes. Basically, it's the cleanser of my dreams. My second most repurchased product has to be the Balm Dot Coms (as you can probably tell, I'm running low again). These all purpose salves are just perfect for everything, lips, cuticles, elbows, even brows. They're so so hydrating, but aren't sticky or gloopy. I actually have like 15 of these floating around on my nightstand, vanity, various purses, my car, my kitchen. I refuse to be without. I like all the flavours but the original and the Coconut are my favourites!

Speaking of hydration, my fave Super has to be the Super Bounce. If you're a Hyaluronic Acid freak like me, you'll love this one. Super Bounce is incredibly hydrating with Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid to plump, regenerate, and hydrate skin. This one is the silkiest of all three, and feels most like a typical serum (but it's still water-like and sinks into the skin effortlessly). Yes, other companies have recreated this combo of ingredients (which are still good!) but I find the texture of bounce to be superior. I'm also a face mask freak, and honestly the fact that I've actually finished one is a testament to how incredible it is. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is truly as Glossier describes it, a juice cleanse for your face. It balances skin and helps reduce inflammation, but also detoxes and leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean. It's a clay mask, but doesn't crack and dries softly, almost sinking into the skin. Including ingredients like Parsely, Spinach, Cress Sprout, and Kaolin White Clay help to clean and purify, while Avacado (it's a avacadoooo) moisturises and Bitter Orange Peel gently exfoliates.

I went back and forth a bit about which makeup product I love the most. I really really love Boy Brow and the Perfecting Skin Tint. But Stretch Concealer is a truly unique product and I can't be without it. Usually creamy concealers can be stiff or dry, but this contains elastic micro-waxes that blend the product into your skin seamlessly. This means coverage that looks like and moves with your skin. It's beautiful. This does also have a dewy finish because it's moisturising, but I just set with a little powder and I'm all good all day! (Or I just let it shiiiiine) It works on both dark circles and blemishes, but I also love using it all over as my base. 

What are your favourite Glossier products? Don't forget to shop my link (it'll get you 20% off your first purchase!). Thank you always for your support!

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