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A few months ago during the Anthro Day sale I picked up a few French Girl Organics products to try out. I'd seen them in stores before but hadn't heard much about them in the blogosphere. I fell in LOVE. But I don't have an Anthropologie super close to me, so I didn't play with any more products. A few weeks ago, French Girl reached out and asked if I'd like to try out some of their bestsellers. Basically took all of my self control not to respond saying "um hell yes."
So I've been testing most of these for the past few weeks (and two products for several months) and thought I'd do a roundup post to tell you what I think. I originally purchased the Crème Lumière and Sea Spray and I love them both. The Crème Lumière is a super rich hydrating moisturizer that's surprisingly lightweight. It's got my beloved hyaluronic acid and a new-to-me super ingredient, pomegranate for anti-inflammatory purposes. It also contains evening primrose oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil so it's definitely better (in my opinion) for dry/combination skin. The oils can also separate especially if kept in the sun so keep that in mind. The Sea Spray is formulated with Himalayan pink salt, French gray salt, coconut and neroli oil, and jasmine. It makes my hair super beachy and wavy without being crunchy or drying my hair out. But better than any salt sprays I've ever tried (ahem bumble and bumble).

I was pretty skeptical of the Sea Polish only because body scrubs aren't really my thing. You'd think I'd be as obsessed with taking care of the skin on my body as I am with my face but I'm just too lazy. So, the skin on my body is quite dry and scrubs generally irritate it. But the Menthe/Romain Sea Polish* is full of Shea and coconut butters which make it insanely moisturizing. The salt crystals are quite rounded making the exfoliation gentle. I honestly really love this, but my complaint is that for the price I just go through it too quickly. The other body product I received was the Lumière Body Oil*. This one I was skeptical of as well because I love my Nuxe oil, but it's quickly getting up there. It's a bit easier to get in the US, but it is also pricier. I love the spray on my Nuxe so the dropper on this is a little annoying and hard to get used to. But the way it sinks into my skin and deeply hydrates makes it so worth it.
The Rose Lip Polish* is probably the product I see out there on Instagram the most. I was expecting it to be similar to the Lush lip scrubs, but it's actually pretty different! Its full of super hydrating oils and butters like the rest of French Girl's products. Definitely moisturizing, but feels less scrubby than other products I've used (not necessarily a bad thing tbh). The Remedy Roll-On Oil- Cuticle* is a surprise favourite, the packaging is genius. It makes it so easy and tidy, especially to throw in your purse and use on the go. The combination of oils smells incredible but isn't overpowering. It's intensely hydrating but sinks in really quickly, win win!

The absolute star of the show for me is the Rose Facial Polish*. I'm normally against physical exfoliators, especially on the delicate skin on your face. But, these finely ground exfoliating powders are actually kind of awesome. Basically you put a dime sized amount in yours palm, mix with a bit of water, polish away, and rinse. I've found that it also works really well mixed with Milky Jelly Cleanser! It's packed with antioxidants as well as anti-bacterial lavender and patchouli leaf. This leaves my skin baby soft, taut (not tight), and absolutely glowing. Plus, for $22 and the tiny amount you use it's a whole lotta bang for your buck. If you buy one thing, buy this. I'm in love.
A little bit of background on French Girl for those of you who don't know: it began on Etsy in 2010! The products are all made with exclusively organic, wild-crafted and sustainable ingredients. They're also entirely vegan! The line is full of luxurious products that I feel like kind of elevate (is that too bougie?) my every day. I'm kind obsessed with everything French so I love using these simple but beautiful products.

Have you guys tried anything from the line? If you haven't are you going to try something?

*Some products featured in this post were sent to me for consideration. This post is not sponsored and as always all opinions are my own.

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