The Post-Spending Ban Haul

Right, so I may have gone a bit crazy. But after not buying anything for two months I had quite the wishlist. And saved a lot of money. And was on vacation. So. Justified. Also, I never really quite know how to write haul posts. I'll do mini reviews of the things that I have tried, but otherwise I guess it'll just be, "I got this and that." There's also a little photo diary down at the end there. I tried to take more photos but honestly I was a bit distracted and forgot!

Before we went to Charleston, I did place an order from Anthropologie during their 20% off sale. It was a moment of weakness. I ended up picking a bunch of skincare goodies, including the Kypris Antioxidant Dew which I am obsessed with. It's sort of like a hydrating serum that you layer with your other products and is quickly becoming a staple in my everyday routine. Speaking of staples I'm also loving the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream. It's super duper rich and incredibly hydrating, I'll have proper reviews of these up soon. I also got some things from French Girl Organics, the  Créme Lumiére and Sea Spray.

So we ended up going into Sephora multiple times, but there was also a store called Blue Mercury that I visited a few times. They carried Chanel, NARS, Kiehl's, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Diptyque and a bunch of other luxury brands (very exciting). I ended up getting the NARS Soft Matte   Complete Concealer there because they were out of stock at Sephora, but I was soooo excited. I've heard great things and I'm loving it so far. They had some Smith & Cult nail polishes hiding at the back of the store so I obviously had to get Doe My Deer which is a beautiful dove grey. I went back the second day because I didn't get a chance to look at Chanel. So happy I did as I got the beautiful Illusion D'Ombre in New Moon. Not sure how to explain this to you because it is incredible. You'll have to look it up.

I honestly didn't go as insane in Sephora as I thought I might. I got the Bite Beauty Lip Pencil in the shade 012, a perfect my lips but better shade in a super creamy formula. Sam from pixiwoo convinced me I needed the Clinique Rose Pop Lipstick even though it's a shade I wouldn't normally go for, and I loooove it! Super pigmented and a matte formula that's still comfortable. I also picked up the belief Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask, which I will be trying out tonight! The second visit I had planned on picking up a perfume, but couldn't decide. So I got the Milk Makeup Cooling Water and Ouai Wave Spray instead. I was hoping the Urban Outfitters on King Street would have a big Milk section like my local one does but they didn't! So I was psyched when I spotted this in the Scouted by Sephora section. I tried in this morning and it felt super cool! I already have been talking about the Sunday Riley Good Genes and Tidal 100 point perks I got, but I also grabbed the SK-II Essence and Clinique Pep Start Hydrorush Moisturizer (after Tamira told me about it). 

On our last night we nipped into Ulta before going back to the house because Mario Badescu had a 25% off sale and I wanted to grab the Drying Lotion. I haven't tried it yet but I'm quite excited. I also found a tiny NARS endcap there so it's finally making its way into stores! I randomly decided to swatch Copacabana and immediately bought it. I'm not sure why this isn't still talked about all the time but this may be the best highlighter I've ever used. It's a cream but sets down and is an incredible sheen. I was complimented on it five times today (you need it). On our way back home-home we decided to stop at the outlets even though we were quite tired and I'm so glad we did. There was a Bare + Beauty store, which is pretty much a CCO for Shisedo brands. Meaning they had Burberry and NARS (and other brands) for a discount and they had an additional 20% off that day. Which means I freaked out. I got Burberry's Pale Barley for SIXTEEN DOLLARS. You GUYS. I nearly cried. I also decided to get Chestnut and the Gold Copper Eye Colour Cream because once in a lifetime opportunity ya know? I just received a Glossier package because I ordered the Generation G in Crush and the Headband (needed it right?) to support ma girl Jewlie. And I also accidentally ordered the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow and some stuff from the Ordinary okay byeeeee

Here's a few of the photos we ended up taking!

 I hope you guys enjoyed this insaaaaaaaaaaane haul! Let me know if you've tried any of these!

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