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Here's another sneak peek into my ridiculous nail polish drawer and this time it's my favourite: neutrals. We all know I'm a boring person and I mostly wear neutral nails, so I have quite a few. And by a few, I mean a ridiculous amount. But here are my favourites!

The newest addition to the family is the beautiful Doe My Dear from Smith & Cult. Smith & Cult describe this as a dove grey taupe. I'm realizing now that this is going to be really difficult because all of the colours are really similar. But stay with me. The formula of this is incredible, and I love the packaging. People say that the brush inside that cap (the cap pops off) is difficult to use, but I actually really like it. It's really close in colour to Barry M's Gel Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Almond if you're in the UK. The formula is a little different, but I've gone through four bottles of this, it's my go-to neutral taupey shade. Nails Inc Porchester Square is also along the same lines, I just have this baby one but I really liked the formula! It leans a little more on the mushroomy-side of the colour spectrum if that means anything to you.

Obviously I have a lottttt of Essie neutrals. A lot. But I have four favourites, ones that I go to over and over again. My all-time favourite nail polish is Lady Like, a taupey-mauve that looks so so chic. Essie classifies this as a pink, but I would definitely put it in the nude category. If you want nude nude (and I mean a nude for my skin tone here, not everyone's), go for Topless and Barefoot. This is a slightly more pink toned beigey version of Sand Tropez and it lasts forever. I think pretty often really pale nude colours tend to crack and chip, but this one stays put without a top coat. Merino Cool is a mulberry that's a little pink a little purple, but firmly a neutral to me. I love this one in the fall and winter as it feels autumnal, but let's be real I wear it all year round. Last but not least from Essie is Chinchilly, a little bit more of a grey, but still gorgeous.

I keep including Formula X polishes and I know they're discontinued, but if you can ever find Monumental, buy it. This is such a gorgeous pale pale beige and again looks chic (all about the chic eh?). LVX's Rive is fairly similar and has a beautiful formula. It's also vegan and 7 toxin free! Last but not least are a few polishes from H&M! These specific colours are really hard to find online, but they should still be in the store. Mushroom is sort of similar to Doe My Dear, but almost a little warmer? Kalahari is the warmest of all, sort of a pinky taupe. If you've never tried H&M polishes before you neeeeeeed to! They are incredible and not too expensive.

What are your favourite nail polishes? (Mainly neutral recommendations please!)

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