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The no-makeup makeup trend is really hitting hard nowadays, and there are tonnnnns of bases out there promising a no foundation look. Luckily for you I'm kind of loving this trend and have tested out mannnnny products that make you skin look just like skin (only better). I actually put on a full coverage foundation the other day (one I used to adore), and I hated it. So here are my faves with minimal coverage and a whole lot of beautiful skin.

My all time favorite is obviously the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. Skin Tint is an "imperceptible wash of colour" that evens out the skin. It gets rid of discolouration like redness, but lets your skin show through entirely. A lot of people don't like this because they say it doesn't have any coverage. But that's the point people! It doesn't add any coverage or weight to your skin. It just makes you look like you have good skin. This is my every day go to and I adore it. (Don't forget you can get $$ off my shopping through my rep page). For a reaaaally no makeup makeup day, I like the Estée Lauder Even Effects Corrector. This is kind of like a hybrid between Skin Tint and a tinted moisturizer. It's much much dewier than Skin Tint, and possibly has even less coverage (but also has SPF 30). It's best for those with dry skin because of the dew, and I mostly stick to it in the winter. I like it because it gives a tiny bit of colour to my skin and makes it look hydrated! Another hydrating base is the Estée Edit Skin Glowing Balm. This one is a weird sort of moussey texture, but once blended into your skin it looks beautiful. It has a touch more coverage than Skin Tint, but still lets your skin show through completely. The best thing about it is that it comes in 12 shades, not a huge range, but for a tinted-moisturizer type product that's pretty impressive!

If you're looking for a traditional tinted moisturizer, the Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer is my favourite. It's pretty hydrating and plumping, but not overly dewy like other tinted moisturizers. It's got more of a satin finish, with a very light amount of coverage that (again) looks just like skin. It also smells like cucumbers as you put it on which I'm sort of obsessed with! This gives you 1.7 oz as well, more than the typical 1 fl oz meaning more bang for your buck woo! It's another one that just blends in effortlessly and doesn't require any thought. If you're looking for a bit more coverage, look no further than the MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation. This stuff is so so beautiful. It's very quickly made its way to the top of my foundation list for its incredible finish. It's a super liquid texture that's easy to blend, and ends up with what I would say is a buildable medium coverage. It melts into the skin and really just looks like a second layer of beautiful, smooth skin! It seems to have some blurring effect, which is fine by me thank you very much. I wore this is Charleston for a full day out in the heat and it by some magic held up. I'm telling you guys, the stuff is gold.

If you have more problem skin, it can be hard to embrace this no-makeup trend. Believe me, I have areas I'd like to cover up. But covering up all of your beautiful skin is doing it no justice! I think using a super light base and then spot concealing the areas you want to hide is the best. I have a million different concealers I use for this depending on my mood (I'm crazy), but the easiest is the Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick. It's got a super-blendable texture, full coverage, and a creamy finish that doesn't leave blemishes looking dry (which makes them even more noticeable).

Are you guys embracing the no-makeup trend? Let me know what your favourite bases are!

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