What I Wore: Week 01

In an effort to use up the ridiculous amount of products I own, I've decided to do semi-weekly product roundups. Then, so that I won't bore you all to tears I will be required to use different products! Genius, eh? As long as it lasts, anyway. On to this week's products! Not gonna lie, I actually struggled to use a bunch of products for an entire week. Mostly because I generally change up the foundation I wear on a daily basis, but I have prevailed! Except for on the eyeshadow-section. There I epically failed.

Anyway, I decided I needed to try to use my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick more often as it's definitely getting close to the end of its life and I have tons and tons left. I do like this, but I have the older formulation which is much thicker and much less creamy. I've sort of been using this as a giant concealer and drawing it over the areas that need it then just blending with my fingers. For a little extra coverage I'm also using the Bobbi Creamy Concealer in Ivory. I literally have 5 of these in different colours which is totally unnecessary so I'll be trying to use these up (read: I'll probably give them to my friends)! Honestly I just have a ton of base products, so I thought that this baby Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light would be a good place to start in the powder category. Because it isn't a flat matte it pairs well with the foundation stick. And because it's a baby it will be a bit easier to use up (although I may repurchase this oops).

I know I should be using some of my exorbitant MAC Blush collection, but I cannot put the Glossier Cloud Paints away. Dusk specifically has become my every day shade, it's such a nice natural colour that really warms up my complexion. I attempted to use the Tartelette palette on my eyes but I think I may have put a transition shade through my crease once or twice. Oops. I did forget about the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Shadow Stick in Truffle. This colour is such a beautiful champagne and doubles up as eyeshadow and highlight, win! I threw a bunch of mascaras away recently so I don't really have too many to rotate, but this week I stuck to the Clinique High Impact Mascara. Top lashes only to look more awake (hi Rachel and Jewlie). This is one of my classic mascara faves as it's both volumizing and lengthening without being clumpy.

For those of you who have a ridiculous amount of makeup, how do you make sure you actually use your makeup?

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