Glossier Cloud Paints

I think Glossier have officially launched the product that is the best thing since sliced bread. Cloud Paints are a seamless gel-cream blush and they are literal perfection. Inspired by New York sunsets, these beauts are bringing back the blush game in full force. I think a lot of people (including me until quite recently) are afraid of blush, but it really gives you such a fresh, healthy look.

These are basically the most user-friendly blush on the planet, so have no fear. Just squeeze a wee bit onto your fingers and pat onto your cheeks. They blend so effortlessly, and amazingly stick around all day. I'm sure most of you guys have the same issue, but my foundation seems to eat blush up, but these are literal magic and don't budge! They contain collagen, which has a high water retention ability, helping keep your cheeks hydrated and plump. There are four colours in the range (I obvs bought them all), I wasn't sure if I'd like them all but I'm totally in love.

Haze is a beautiful deep berry. This one I was a bit frightened of because I'm a pale princess, but it is really really lovely. I think if you have a deep skin tone, this shade will look absolutely incredible on you. In the summer if I actually tan this year, I'm feeling like this will become a firm favourite. At the moment I use a teeny tiny amount, or mix it with another shade!

Puff is a bright, cool toned pink. This colour is super brightening, but really flattering because of it's cool tones. And because of the formula, even though it's pale it will never ever look ashy. I thought this one would be my favourite, but as it's a little brighter than I expected I like it more when mixed with Dusk.

Beam is a warm coral peach. I thought this one might be too orange for me, but again I was pleasantly surprised. This one really warms up the skin and brings a glow. This one is also going to be extra fab in the summer, and if you have more olivey skin you need it. Do it. This one mixed with Puff is also flipping gorg. 

Dusk is a warm toned brownish nude. This one is 100% my favourite out of the bunch as it's so versatile. It gives definition and warmth to the skin and looks incredibly natural. This is another one that just sort of wakes you up, I don't know how I've ever looked alive before (I always looks halfway dead tbh). The other reason this one is awesome is that it mixes beautifully with all of the other shades.

I think Dusk and Beam are probably my top two, but I'm so happy that I decided to pick them all up. As always, if you're a first time Glossier shopper you can go to (or just click the tiny "G" in my menu bar) for 20% off you first purchase. Even if you're not a first time shopper, you can still support me by using the link as I do make a small commission off of these orders, I would really appreciate it! Any money made through my blog go right back into making it a better space for you guys. Also, if you end up buying two (or more) Cloud Paints, use code 2BLUSH, this will get you two for $30! This code is a limited time offer so definitely jump on it!

If you're interested in seeing these beauts in action, I filmed a little video for you here. I hope you guys like it!

Which shades are you interested in the most? Let me know!

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