The Best of Bobbi Brown

I'm obsessed with a lot of brands, but I think if I had to pick one it would be Bobbi Brown. It's consistently an incredible line focused on making you feel good about yourself. It also helps that I've never disliked something from them (to date). I do love many many many more products than are featured here, but out of the things I currently own these are my favourites.

Bobbi does bases well. If you don't know this, you should. Her foundations are all incredible, as are her products for under makeup. I love a lot of the skincare products, but my holy grail is the Vitamin Enriched Face Base and I am so so glad to have this back in my life. We got the travel sized version in at work so you better believe I'm stocking up while it's cheap. This is an oil-free moisturizer and primer in one and leaves your skin feeling incredible (and smells incredible). It's quite rich, but blends into the skin easily and feels light. I honestly didn't think this would help my makeup last but by some magic it does. My foundation goes on smoothly and doesn't break up at the end of my long day (as it usually does). I have normal skin, but my t-zone gets quite oily so I think it's great for all skin types. Speaking of foundation, by go-to from Bobbi is the Skin Foundation as I'm sure you all know. It's the perfect everyday base, it provides a natural coverage that evens tone but lets your skin shine through. The sort-of-dewy-satiny finish lasts really well throughout day without looking flat.

Bobbi is well known for their Creamy Concealers and Correctors, and for good reason. They are incredibly creamy (duh) but also incredibly full coverage, making them great for concealing dry blemishes (ew). I get a super long wear-time on these alone, but I do tend to set with powder just to make sure it doesn't budge. The Bronzing Powders are fairly underrated as far as reviews from bloggers go, they don't seem to be talked about at all! I generally use either Golden Light or Stonestreet, but they have a great range of colours. It's a super fine, blendable powder that is matte but somehow manages to look dimensional on the face. The formula of the Blushes is similar in that they're super blendable on the cheeks, and the colour range is immense, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a shade you like. If you're more into cream blushes, you need to try and find the Sheer Colour Cheek Tint. The formula is beautiful, but quite similar to the Pot Rouges if you don't have a Cosmetics Company Store near you.

I'm sure you all know how much I love my Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks. My goal is basically to own every shade because the formula is amazing. They're super smooth and blendable, with tons of colour payoff, but once they set they will not budge. A smidge. I love them so much that I will probably be wearing these at my wedding (if I can ever convince someone to marry me lollll). My favourite shades are Dusty Mauve and Sunlight Gold, but I definitely have a few more on my list. Also in this range are the Long Wear Gel Eyeliners, which are sort of a cult product. I personally prefer the pencils for ease of use, but these things do not budge. If you're someone who has trouble with liners staying in their waterline, look no further. I'm also huge into Bobbi's Gentle Eyelash Curlers. I was never bothered with curling my lashes before these, but now it's an everyday step in my routine. If you're interested in investing in a more high-end curler that won't break the bank, I highly recommend these.

Lastly, to round out an already incredible lineup, Bobbi's lipsticks. There are about 6 million different formulas in the line, and I love them all. My favourites however are the Creamy Matte Lip Colours and the Luxe Lip Colours. The mattes are really long wearing without the uncomfortable dryness of other matte lipsticks. My all time favourite shade from this line is Tawny Pink, which is the perfect pinky-nude. The Luxe Lip Colours are a really interesting formula. They're creamy and have a soft shine to them, but they're also somehow quite long wearing and the brighter colours stain the lips. They're quite hydrating and the colour is intense, and come in 30 (yes, thirty) shades. I love Neutral Rose and Parisian Red. I'm also super super interested in trying their new Art Stick Liquid Lips, but haven't gotten my hands on any quite yet!

Do you guys love Bobbi Brown? Let me know your favourites down below! (Also, drinking game: drink every time I say incredible because lord I need a thesauras)


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