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A few months ago I was very luck to receive pretty much a full skincare routine from the lovely people at Pur~Lisse. I've done two previous posts here and here, but I figured I'd do a full roundup for you! I've also realized that I left my beloved BB Tint out of the photo (how??), but I will be talking about it here too!

The 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk is a gorgeous blend of soy milk, whole oat, and white tea that leaves my skin feeling cleansed, but also incredibly soft. This has become my morning cleanser of choice because it doesn't leave my skin stripped at all but gets it feeling really clean. I've never tried using it to remove my makeup, but it's so gentle I don't think it would irritate your eyes (also wouldn't recommend putting it in your eyes). I've also love the Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer. I often find my makeup slips and slides around on top of some moisturizers, but this leaves my skin nice and hydrated without any residue. This is also amazing at night because it just sinks in, and I don't wake up with my skin feeling gunky. It's also got my beloved Hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamin E, white tea, and French marine plants (fancy). The Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer with SPF 30 is perfect for during the day because it has that same texture with the added SPF!

The Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum is a beautifully light-weight under-eye serum that is anti-aging and helps with dark circles and puffiness. It is really hydrating, and the dark circles under my eyes seem to be fading. Fingers crossed this helps prevent future wrinkles! The Blue Lotus Brightening Serum is formulated with similar ingredients, but is obviously meant for your entire face. Blue Lotus extract is a powerful antioxidant which fights free-radicals, resulting in brighter, more even skin! The BB Tinted Moist Cream is a beautiful light weight, surprisingly medium coverage formula that looks so beautiful on the skin. It's also good for you with pur~lisse's Asian Herb Extracts complex, chamomile and artemisia to soothe skin, and sugar maple to retain moisture and improve skin's appearance. A lot of BB Creams I've tried have felt like I have something on my face, but this is totally non-greasy and somehow lasts alllll day. It does unfortunately  only come in three shades, but I can see them working for a variety of skin shades as they're quite neutral.

I thought I had run out of the Blue Lotus + Seaweed and Blue Lotus + White Tea sheet masks but I found these two the other day and was SO pumped. These are incredibly hydrating and leave the skin looking plump and radiant. I really love sheet masks because they're incredibly relaxing without all of the mess of a face mask. Speaking of face masks, their newest release is the Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant and it is wonderful! It has Blue Lotus Seeds, White Clay, Bamboo, Ginger, White Tea and Mushroom Extract to brighten, detoxify, tighten and soothe skin while providing gentle exfoliation. It made my skin super smooth and helped relieve redness in my cheeks. I've only used it a few times, but it's already made it's way into my heart.

Have you guys tried anything from Pur~Lisse? I'm loving them!

*Products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for consideration. This post is not sponsored and as always, all opinions are my own.

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