Skincare on Trial

I've done several skincare reviews lately on brands as a whole or specific products, but I also have a few other bits and pieces on trial at the moment so I thought I'd put them all together! I'm honestly a skincare addict and will never stick to a proper routine, instead I prefer to just try a million things (probably why my skin kinda hates me). But alas, it's all for you, dear readers! This is going to be more of a first impressions post rather than an in-depth review as I haven't quite had the time to properly trial these things, but if you'd like to know more in the future, feel free to ask me on Instagram or Twitter!

If you haven't heard of Klairs* yet, they're a Korean beauty brand and I've been dying to try out some Asian skincare. When they offered to send me a few things to try out, I leapt at the chance. The Midnight Blue Calming Cream not only looks amazing, but is also incredibly soothing and hydrating. Its main ingredient, Guaiazulene, is a crystalline hydrocarbon derived from chamomile oil. This is helpful in the calming on inflammation and also actual repair of skin cells! If you have quite dry or sensitive skin, you'll love this. I also received the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop  which is different than anything I've ever tried. It's almost like a cross between an oil and a serum and is always raved about. Now this packaging is absolutely gorgeous (I love the holo on the box especially), but typically Vitamin C products aren't housed in clear containers because they oxidize with sun exposure. Apparently the Ascorbic Acid is stabilized, so we shall see. Anyways, Ascorbic Acid helps to protect the skin from UV damage and also has antioxidant properties. Centella Asiatica extract provides anti-bacterial properties and is also soothing to the skin. Definitely use this in the evenings and follow with sunscreen during the day, but another great option for sensitive skin!

The Pixi Glow Tonic has been on my radar for a long time, and I picked it up in a set a few months ago. I finally got the chance to start trying it recently, and it's safe to say that I'm pretty much in love. It's an oil and alcohol free toner that uses witch hazel to tighten and firm the skin. Its second ingredient is Aloe Vera, and uses Glycolic Acid to gently exfoliate the skin. I've been using this twice a day for the past week and have already noticed smoother skin (miracle). I'll definitely be repurchasing. If you read my Pur~Lisse review a few weeks back, you know I also received their Blue Lotus serums*, and was still testing them. The Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum is a beautifully light-weight under-eye serum that is anti-aging and helps with dark circles and puffiness. It is definitely moisturizing, and the dark circles under my eyes seem to be fading. Fingers crossed this helps prevent future wrinkles! The Blue Lotus Brightening Serum is formulated with similar ingredients, but is obviously meant for your entire face. Blue Lotus extract is a powerful antioxidant which fights free-radicals, resulting in brighter, more even skin! If you're worried about Vitamin C products because of their tendency to make skin sensitive to sunlight, this one is a great option.

What skincare products have you guys been loving lately? Anything I need to try?

*Products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for consideration. This post is not sponsored, and as always all opinions are my own