Pixi Pretties First Impressions

I drove to four different Targets to get the items from this collection, dedication. Earlier this month, Pixi released a collaboration with four beauty and lifestyle bloggers and I was SUPER excited. Mostly for the Skincare Queen's item, Caroline's Double Cleanse. I only managed to pick up three of the products so far, but the entire collection has 10 pieces total! They're all totally gorgeous, so I'll be on the hunt for the others (Pixi is always out of stock at all of my Targets)!
First up is the collaboration we've all been waiting for Caroline Hiron's Double Cleanse. Years ago Caroline introduced us all to the Pixi Glow Tonic and it blew UP (rightfully so, it's incredible). I'm totally obsessed with double (or triple) cleansing so I was very excited for the solid and cream cleanser duo. It's paraben free, fragrance free, and not tested on animals! The solid oil gets off all of my makeup SO quickly, even better than the Clinique balm. It's super gentle on my skin, but still powers through mascara surprisingly quickly. The cream cleanser is also lovely, it's sort of similar to my beloved Milky Jelly but more cream less jelly (think silk instead of clouds). The oil side contains Vitamin E to protect and condition, Cameillia Oil which is rich in Omegas, and Evening Primrose Oil to heal and moisturize. The cream side contains Vitamin C to protect and promote collagen, a Peptide Complex to plump and reduce lines, Arginnie which improves cell renewal and elasticity (yes, please) This is also becoming a permanent product, and by the hints dropped will be a part of a bigger CH collection (eeeeeeeee!)!

I only managed to find one of Aspyn Ovard's Glow-y Powders, in the colour London Lustre but the formula is divine so I will be picking up the other two. London Lustre is a gorgeous icy-champagne in a beautiful velvety soft formula. This may be competing with my Cover Fx moonlight because it is amazing and has quite a high-shine while not looking over the top. The other two shades are Rome Rose, a glowy peachy pink, and Santorini Sunset which is a slightly darker more golden champagne. Both are beautiful and I'm hoping to pick them up soon!
When I saw It'sJudyTime's Eyeshadow Palette I immediately knew I needed it. It's full of super-silky neutral colours with a mix of cool and warm shades. The top half is quite warm, the second to last row has three amazing mauves, and the final row are more cool-toned dark colours. It has a great mix of mattes and shimmers, although I do wish that there was a slightly lighter transition colour. Not because I need one, but for convinience. But, I am a pale princess so it's probably just me! So far the ones that I've tried have blended beautifully and lasted well (which surprised me because my eyeshadow has been fading terribly recently). I originally wanted to pick up MaryamMaquillage's Strobe & Bronze Palette as well, but decided the colours were a bit too dark for me. However, assuming the formula is the same as the Glow-y Powders it'd be a great palette and super affordable!

Have you guys tried anything from the collection yet? What do you have your eye on?