Guide to Glossier: Makeup

It's time for part two of the Guide to Glossier, and this time it's all about the makeup! Which is really no-makeup makeup but ya know. Most of these products are things that I now use every single day, or reach for on a regular basis. I love that they're designed to enhance, not to cover up. Also, the packaging is gorgeous, so I've been having myself a right ol' photoshoot!
The Perfecting Skin Tint is a skincare-makeup hybrid. It's an almost invisible tint meant to even out skin tone, leaving you looking bright and fresh. This lil' squeeze bottle has actual diamond powder in it which brightens the skin and blurs pores (all about it). If you're expecting a light-coverage foundation or even a tinted moisturiser, this isn't it. It's more of a soft-focus product that just evens you out and I freakin' love it. If you're worried about this not concealing blemishes, don't worry the next product has you covered.

This may be my favourite makeup product that Glossier makes. The Stretch Concealer is basically the stuff of my dreams. Usually creamy concealers can be stiff or dry, but this contains elastic micro-waxes that blend the product into your skin seamlessly. This means coverage that looks like skin and moves with your skin. It's beautiful. This does also have a dewy finish because it's moisturising, but I just set with a little powder and I'm all good all day! It works on both dark circles and blemishes, but I also love using it all over as my base (if you want to hear more about that check my post here).

The Boy Brow is the product that kind of launched Glossier into fame, and ended up with a wait list a million miles long. It's a creamy wax full of pigment so it thickens, fills in, and grooms you brows. I can no longer live without this. It leaves my brows looking perfectly placed, stays all day, and is never crunchy. I still fill the tails of my brows in with a little pencil to fill them out, but this has cut my brow routine in half.
Glossier's highlighting offerings, the Haloscopes, are another skincare-makeup hybrid. The centre is a solid oil core, made of moisturizers that give a super dewy finish. The outer 'halo' is infused with literal crystals (omfg), for a high sheen. I have two of the three colours, Quartz which is a pearly-champagne shade and Moonstone which is an almost-blue opal. The third shade is Topaz, a gorgeous bronzey-gold. These are pretty different than other highlighters on the market in that they are dewy, and so can be a bit sticky-feeling on the cheekbones. I can't part with the gorgeous sheen, so I just set that down with a powder and keep on glowing!
Glossier's latest offering came in the form of the Black Tie Set, which I already have a post about here. So, I won't go on for too long about these. The products are now all available separately (yay!). The Lipgloss IS just a clear gloss, but it contains vitamin E to moisturise with a high shine that's never sticky. The No. 1 Pencil in Graphite is a super creamy charcoal liner, if you like smudgy-smoky eyes you'll love this! If you want to see these both in action, check out my holiday makeup look here.
Last but not least are the Generation Gs, a gorgeous matte tinted lip balm that I'm practically in love with. They're a diffused matte colour that look different on everyone, which I think is really fun. I have Cake a peachy nude, Like a light pink, Jam a deep magenta, Zip a poppy red (inspired by the pouch zippers), and Leo a warm brown. I'm only missing Crush, a hot raspberry pink. I love these because they look gorgeous on the lips but can also be used on the cheeks in a rush (or not, I just think they look gorg), and I even use Leo on the eyes every now and again if I'm really feeling a monochrome look.

So, those are my thoughts on every single Glossier product, yay! If you haven't seen my last post, which was all of the skincare products, I'll link it here. And don't forget that you can shop through my rep link for 20% off your first purchase :)

If you have any more questions about any of the products, feel free to ask! And tell me what your favourite products are?