6 Favourites of 2016

You guys could probably write about my top six products of the year for me as I never stop talking about them. BUT, I've had several requests for a round-up post and your wish is my command! It's obviously a Glossier-heavy one because it has 10000% been my top brand of the year, but I tried to hold myself back (try is the operative word).

The Supers as a group have probably been my best purchase of the year. I have truly seen them make a huge difference in my skin. I have a more in-depth post about them here and a 'Guide to Glossier' here, so I'll just summarize them a bit briefly. Super Glow is amazing for dull and tired skin, Super Bounce  hydrates and plumps, and Super Pure calms stressed skin. I also absolutely adore the Milky Jelly Cleanser and am already on my second bottle! It's a super gentle and conditioning cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped. I'm still gonna say it's like washing your face with clouds.

This year has been all about glowy skin and I haven't really been into foundations, especially heavier ones. Particularly in recent months, I've been favoring a super-skin like finish. I've discovered some great things recently, but my favourite for the year has to be the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, and I also have a post on this here (I'm so prepared). It has a decent amount of coverage, but still lets my skin shine through. If you have oilier skin, you'll probably want to set it but it is beautiful. For a little extra coverage under my eyes and on blemishes I cannot stop using the Glossier Stretch Concealer. It's also got a skin-like finish that moves as you do so that its never cakey.

I have definitely found the perfect highlighter for my skin in the Cover FX Perfect Light Highlighting Powder in Moonlight. It's a super finely milled powder with a high-shine almost silver finish. They have several other colours as well that I'm dying to try out. As I'm sure you well know from this post, I'm an Essie addict. My nails this year have been mostly neutral (shocking), and my favourites have been Topless and Barefoot and Lady Like. T&B is my perfect nude, and Lady Like a gorgeous dusty mauve that looks incredible on everyone.

I've kept it down to six favourites this year as I have really just been using the same things over and over again. Perhaps next year I'll be a little more experimental, we shall see!

What have you been loving this year?