The Glossier Black Tie Set

If you know me, you know I'm a Glossier fangirl. So when they launched their Holiday 2016 set I snatched it up. A lot of people on social media were kind of meh about this launch, so I'm here to walk you through the products and tell you what I think! The Black Tie Set comes with the Haloscope in Moonstone, No. 1 Pencil in Graphite, Lip Gloss, and Nail Polish in #GlossierPink all to complete your holiday party look. They also market the black silk ribbon as something you can wear, which is fun but pretty silly (as a lot of people said). 

Moonstone is definitely the star of the set, people are familiar with the Haloscope formula and this new opalescent-white shade piqued a lot of interest. As of now it's only available in the set, but it is GORG. Hopefully if we annoy the G-Team enough they'll release it separately! (EDIT: All of the products have now been released separately!)  The No. 1 Pencil in Graphite is a gorgeous, creamy gunmetal. If you remember way back when, Glossier released liquid liners. This pencil blows them away. It's a lovely formula that can be smudged across the lash line or create a wing if you have more talent than I do. It sets down after a minute or so and doesn't budge! I haven't tested its waterproof abilities, but it wasn't awesome on the waterline.
The Clear Lip Gloss also got a bit of side-eye from the beauty community. People assumed it would just be a boring old gloss like we wore in middle school. But ya know Glossier wouldn't do that to us!  It's full of conditioning polymers so it's smooth and glassy, and Vitamin E to hydrate. I literally never ever ever wear gloss, but they've somehow gotten me to wear this. It's nice and shiny but doesn't feel too thick or too runny, and somehow manages to stay on my lips for several hours (but, it IS still just a clear gloss). I was super psyched about the #GlossierPink Nail Polish. When I got it, it looked MUCH brighter than I thought it would, and because I'm so pale it's not quite the baby pink of my dreams. It IS a really nice pink colour, not something I'd usually wear but I think because it's quite cool-toned I'm warming up to it (puuuuuuns). The formula goes on well, despite a sort-of-large brush and dries fairly quickly. I'm on day three with no base-coat and no top-coat with a few chips. I have one quite big chip in the middle of my index finger (no idea how that happened) but I have been pretty rough on my hands this week so that's my fault. It's a good formula, not mind-blowing, but with a proper top coat I think it'll be lovely!
I hope you all love this mini photoshoot, I can't help myself when it comes to Glossier. How sick is that shadow in a shadow?? Loving it. So overall, I think the Black Tie Set is a super fun addition to your Glossier collection. Do you NEEEED it? No. Do you want it? Of course, or you wouldn't be reading this post (read your mind there didn't I?). Definitely excited for the 2017 launches, it sounds like some star products are coming!

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