Onomie Beauty 101

On my quest for natural-looking makeup that's actually beneficial for my skin, I came across Onomie Beauty*. This (gorg) brand was created to 'simplify beauty and maximize the benefits of individual beauty products, for women who recognize that beauty should not be complicated.' They name their shades after female geniuses (awesome) from history, and work with non-profit organization She's The First (awesomer). They're also really transparent about their formulas and results, which you can find on their website!

Onomie sent me their three gorgeous products to test out and talk to you about, and I'm mega-impressed. The Powerful Priming Serum is the newest addition to the line and is an all-in-one treatment and primer. It helps even skin and even exfoliate (chemically obvs) for smoother skin. This smoothness helps your makeup go on better and it also lasts longer! Ingredients like Willow Bark, Daisy Flower Extract, and Blackjack Botanical treat the skin. Willow Bark is one of my favourite ingredients at the moment as it helps increase cell turnover and make your skin super glowy!

The next two products are in the eye category, and first up is the A.C.E Illuminating Eye Treatment. This is another cool two-in-one as it both highlights and treats. I have the shade Lovelace, which is a gorgeous pale pink. This one was a little unusual to use, as I at first used it all over my undereyes. If you like a lot of glow, you'd be okay with this but it was a little shimmery for me. Instead, I took Kelsey's que and applied it in a c-shape around my eyes. Then, I still get a lovely highlight but also get the wrinkle and fine-line correcting benefits of vitamins A, C, and E (get it? ACE?).

The star of the show for me are the Bright Concealing Elixirs. If you only purchase one Onomie product, GET THIS. Not only is it one of the (if not the) best concealers I've ever used, it's also a skincare product that helps to reduce dark circles over time. It includes Night Sleeper Extract to increase blood circulation, Egyptian Lupine Extract to limit dehydration and regenerate the skin's barrier, and Alfalfa Extract which is anti-inflammatory. The concealing aspect is literally magic. It's super creamy and blends out effortlessly, but somehow completely covers and brightens my underlies while looking totally natural. It stays crease-free (unheard of for me) and looks gorgeous all day. It also comes in 11 shades that cater to a wide variety of skin shades and tones (yay!). For reference, I have Germain and Trotula. Germain is perfect (I'm pale), but Trotula was a little dark so it went to my mama. I'm interested to try their newest shade, Shikibu for some extra brightness!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty obsessed with the brand and can't wait to see what they come up with next! Have you guys tried any Onomie products yet?

*Products in this post were kindly sent to me for consideration. This post is not sponsored and as always all opinions are my own!