Function of Beauty

If you know me, you know I'm not really big into hair products. At all. If my hair looks halfway decent I'm okay with it. But a few weeks ago I saw Function of Beauty's gorgeous packaging on Instagram. And then I discovered you could customize them. And there's nothing I love more than pretty, customizable things.

Function of Beauty is a company that totally caters to you hair needs, based on the answers you give them in a "hair quiz." First, you select your hair type, structure, and scalp moisture. Obviously you would answer these yourself, but for reference I have wavy, medium hair with a dry scalp. Next, you select your five 'hair goals': deep condition, replenish hair, fix split ends, strengthen, hydrate, lengthen, volumize, color protection, thermal protection, anti-aging, anti-frizz, curl definition, shine, straighten, nourish roots, soothe scalp, and oil control. I chose deep condition, strengthen, volumize, shine, and soothe scalp. You also get to choose the colours and scents, which is arguably the most fun part. I obviously went for blue and green. For scent I chose Sandalwood Violet at a medium level. It smelled super strong when I first opened them, but isn't that strong when using and doesn't linger so I may try stronger next time.

I was super psyched for these to arrive, they came beautifully packaged with my name on the box (coolest thing ever). AND the actual product itself has my name on it. I die. The bottles are see through, which is really awesome if you're blind like me and can't read the names on bottles while in the shower. They also come with pumps! I will say that the pumps aren't super strong, they dispense a tiny amount of product. So if you have really long hair, you're probably better off squeezing out of the bottle.

I have definitely noticed a vast improvement with my hair since using these. It feels healthier, looks nicer, and is waaaaay less frizzy. I think next time I'll switch from deep condition to something else as I can't go quite so long without washing my hair (I'm lazy). I also wish the shampoo was more sudsy, but that's something you can actually request from the chemist, so next time I'm loading up on alllllll the bubbles. Function of Beauty also uses mostly (98%) natural ingredients which is awesome for you and the environment. Honestly, the true test of these is that I'm excited about them. Like I said before I'm not at all interested in hair stuff but these have me pumped!

If you guys are interested in trying out Function of Beauty, you can get $5 off using my referral link here. This also gives me a $5 credit towards my next purchase, so if you're not about that you can use the link at the top or just google! :)

What hair care products are you guys totally in love with? I might start to branch out now!