The Beigey-Pink Lip Edit

As winter approaches (yay!) and I get even paler (how is that even possible?) I find that I need a bit of lipstick to make me look not-dead. Generally, I cba with lipsticks because they require upkeep and I definitely don't have time for that. Unless it's NARS Cruella. Anyway, SOMETIMES I just need a lil' colour and these are those lipsticks I reach for!

I've talked about the Clinique Pop Lipsticks before here, and Beige Pop is the one I reach for on the most frequent basis. It's a pretty pinky-nude in a lovely creamy formula (you can see lip swatches in the post mentioned above). It wears really well, meaning I don't have to worry about it looking crazy throughout the day which is the goal! MAC Blankety is probably my favourite every-day lipstick. It's a soft pink-beige (the descriptions aren't getting any better) in an Amplified finish. I'm usually not a huge fan of the Amplified lipsticks, but in this nude colour I love it. The texture is quite hydrating so it looks lovely on the lips! Last but not least is Bobbi Brown's Creamy Lip Colour in Pale Mauve. This one is a little cooler than the others, and a little more sheer making it really easy for on the go. I'll throw this in my purse and (maybe) reapply later in the day.

Another lazy makeup post from me, what a shocker! Hehe, what are your favourite every-day lipsticks? I promise I'll try to start actually wearing makeup once it cools down!