Primary Raw: 2Step Face Therapy

Hello my loves! I apologize for my brief hiatus, but I'm back! And today I'm telling you about this lil' sheet mask that saved my sick skin. I don't know about you guys, but after being sick, my skin gets really clogged and really dry. So, I use clarifying products, but I find it quite hard to keep my skin hydrated. I went into Sephora and picked up a few sheet masks (oops, what buying ban?) one of them being the Primary Raw DoYou 2Step Face Therapy. There's not a lot of talk about this on the internet so I thought I'd tell you my thoughts!

Apparently milk peeling is the biggest trend in Korea right now, and it's a two-step system consisting of a lactic acid swab, and a botanical infused sheet-mask. You can see in the picture, there's two little pockets in the mask. The first has a giant q-tip loaded with lactic acid which you apply all over your face, and then concentrate on areas like your forehead, nose, and chin. The mask part is a microfiber mask with soy milk and green tea. The lactic acid doesn't sting at all, UNLESS you have an open wound on your face. I had a little cut and it stung like a bitch, so be careful! It also doesn't smell wonderful, but it's not too strong. The mask smells beautiful, but is again not overwhelming just really pleasant. It's super silk and feels luxurious, and actually stays on your face (miracle). It says to pat the serum in after taking the mask off, but it felt a little sitcky so I rinsed a tiny bit. My skin feels AMAZING. It definitely looks brighter and hydrated, and until I start coughing my lungs out you probably wouldn't even know I was sick! My skin also feels smoother than ever, and as texture is one of my main skin concerns I'm loving it!

Have you guys tried any aqua or milk-peels? What's you favourite sheet mask? Let me know!