Glossier Haul and First Impressions

Hello, loves! I thought I would do an extra little post this week since I've been MIA and show you some things I've picked up from Glossier! A few I've already tried or are repurchases, so I'll do a bit of a first impressions/review as well.

I placed this order originally to replace my Balm Dot Com and Boy Brow. We all know I love the Balm Dot Com with an unreal obsession, but it's the greatest lip balm ever. A fresh Boy Brow is basically the greatest, and today my brows look goooood. My only gripe with the Boy Brow is that I use it up too quickly! I finally picked up the Milky Jelly Cleanser (what the hell took me so long?!) and I'm already in love. My pump is unfortunately broken, but I used it straight from the bottle and it's a gorgeous jelly (duh) texture. It removed my makeup beautifully and felt so fresh. Emily says this is basically a jelly-version of a micellar water, and uses the same solvent as contact solution so it's super gentle!
I also picked up both of the masks (listen, people, don't judge me I had a moment). I tried out the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack last night and it was pretty interesting! It's a clay based mask, so I was expecting it to be quite smooth and dry down hard, but it's actually fairly hydrating and doesn't really dry down. This one is described as a juice cleanse for the face, which sounds like something I need because I'm a sugar addict. My skin felt super smooth after I washed it away, so I'm liking it so far! The Moisturizing Moon Mask is a hydrating and smoothing mask. It contains sweet almond oil and hyaluronic acid (YAY) so it packs a lot of punch in the moisture department. Very excited to try this one out! I also got the Logo G-Pin because it's just so blimmin' cute look at it.

As always if you want 20% of off your first order, you can use my affiliate link: here!

Have you guys picked anything from up from Glossier lately? They just came out with two new Gen-G shades so I need to get my hands on those!