Best in Bases: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Back to Bases (hehe) today. This is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, which Bobbi describes as a long-wearing liquid foundation that delivers hydrating, comfortable, and undetectable coverage that looks like skin. It's a water-based foundation (my favourite kind), so it's pretty light and runny. The consistency is similar to the MAC Face and Body, but a little thicker. I would say it has a light to medium coverage. It's sheer, so you can wear it pretty lightly but it is buildable. I don't think you could get it past a medium coverage, which is probably not a downside if you're going for the natural look. This works wonders to even out skin-tone, but definitely won't conceal blemishes so you'll need an extra concealer (which I would suggest for any foundation). I love a water-based foundation because you can really buff and work it into the skin, making it blend in and look like you have naturally perfect skin.

The finish is a gorgeous dewy-satin that really does look like skin. It's not a foundation that sets down, so I set it with a powder otherwise it will transfer. While it's quite moveable, it somehow stays in place all day and looks better with wear (magic)! It's really sort of shocking how flawless your skin looks whilst wearing this. It evens and perfects, and somehow manages to minimize the look of pores, all whilst looking like you're wearing hardly anything on the skin. This foundation comes in a whopping THIRTY shades, so you're pretty much guaranteed to find a match. I use the shade Porcelain 0, which is a perfect match, but I can also get away with several of the Ivory shades. This does contain an SPF 15, which is an added bonus but if you know me I'm all about a dedicated SPF (aka a separate product).
This is definitely one of my all-time favourite everyday foundations! What are your favourite bases?