Autumn Nail Edit

It's fiiiiinally really really Autumn. It was 70 and breezy today, and this morning was 60 degrees! My happy lil self is getting all the coats out ready to wear. I thought today I'd show you guys my Autumn nail picks (from Essie because I'm obsessed) and see if you have any recommendations! I've been on the hunt for the perfect berry-burgundy forever, so comment your faves for me!

Topless & Barefoot isn't an autumn exclusive, but I do love the way it looks with an all black outfit. It's pretty much the perfect pinky-neutral that doesn't give you corpse hands. Chinchilly is a darker, granite grey that totally doesn't come across here. This picture is pretty overexposed because aesthetic, but it's really a medium cool-toned grey. Merino Cool is Chinchilly's darker, more mauve older sister. Its super chic older sister. I'm obsessed with this one.

Right, time for some colour! I love a good ol' dark green and Off Tropic is a gorgeous deep forest number. This is one of the best greens I've found that isn't too bright or so dark that it looks black. I suppose After School Boy Blazer isn't really all that colourful, but oh well. It's the darkest midnight blue you've ever seen. Mostly black in most lights, but a stunning blue in the sun!

What are your favourite polishes to wear this time of year?