A New Neutral Palette

Since I'm attempting to be on a (makeup) spending ban this month, I've been shopping my stash a bit and trying to find things I haven't used in a while. I decided to depot some more of my MAC singles into a smaller palette that would be easy to take with me (buying an empty palette doesn't count, right?). I have two of the 12-pan MAC palettes, one I made myself and one pre-made, that are gorgeous but they're so bulky I rarely use them. Especially if I'm doing my makeup in the parking lot at school. This time I went for a 6-pan palette because 4 just isn't enough and set to melting some plastic.

I did have one casualty whilst depotting, because I was trying to watch Once Upon a Time whilst holding an eyeshadow over a flame with a pair of tweezers (stupid). Unfortunately it was my gorgeous Sable, so we'll see if the pigmentation has been compromised, I may have to break my ban to replace it. I'm going to walk you through the other shades in the palette, but as these are quite old some have been discontinued, but have no fear I've found some dupes!

First up is Bisque, which is one of the discontinued shades but remarkably similar to Brule. It's a neutral beige in a satin finish, but seems almost matte to me. I love this as a setting shade for primer because it has enough colour that it doesn't wash out whatever I put on top. It's also a bit darker than my skin so I can blend it all over my lid and pretend I put effort in! Next is Kid, also discontinued but very similar to Wedge, which is a medium beige-brown in a velvet finish. I also think this one looks quite matte, but with a creamier texture. That texture makes this a gorgeous blending colour for my skin! Texture is one of my favourite crease colours, it's a warm brown with a satin finish and blends out beautifully. It's got a bit of an orangey undertone, so it really brings out my green eyes when I put it all over the lid.

Swiss Chocolate is on of my all-time favourite eyeshadow colours. It's a matte warm brown, but without the orange undertones, and is the best lazy eyeshadow colour ever. You can blend this all over the lid and into the crease and it looks like you've put on several shadows. I love it! Poor Sable was dropped into candle wax, so you'll have to excuse its appearance. This is an absolutely gorgeous warm golden-bronze frost and a lovely lid colour. I was thinking about putting a dark matte brown as the final shade, but settled on Sketch instead. It's a dark plummy burgundy with a velvet finish that really makes my eyes pop. I thought this addition would be a bit more exciting than another brown!
Shopping my stash was really fun, so I might do a few more posts this month about products I've rediscovered! What products have you guys been giving some love lately?