My Glasses Collection

In case you guys weren't aware, I'm pretty blind. I used to wear contacts but I got sick of dealing with them every morning, so I switched back to glasses. Last year I became fairly obsessed with buying glasses since it's quite boring wearing the same pair every day! My friend Morgan told me I should do a post about them, so here we are!

The first pair I bought out of this bunch are the Baker by Warby Parker (at the very top). These are definitely my favourite and my most worn. Warby's are awesome because they're generally $95 a pair, and a pair get donated to a child in need. I love slightly rounded glasses with a keyhole nose bridge, as you can probably tell! This colour is Striped Sassafrass, which is a gorgeous tortoiseshell! I definitely have a few other Warby pairs on my wishlist, they fit beautifully and are super comfy to wear.

The rest of these glasses are from EyeBuyDirect, which is another awesome company that sells super cheap eyewear! (This isn't sponsored I'm just a glasses freak). Most of the pairs here are from the RFLKT line, which is their 'high-end' line. These cost $70 a pair, and they often do BOGO deals. Other pairs on the site are as low as $10 plus prescription, which is awesome if you want some trendy throwaway ones! You can also get the glasses without prescription if you just want a fashion pair! I'm just going to go down the picture so they're easy to see, so the next pair is the Prism in Translucent. These are a beautiful REALLY clear frame. Most of the other frames I was seeing were slightly frosted and almost yellow-toned, so I love that these are so clear. These are similar in shape to the Baker and also have a lovely keyhole. I don't wear these super often, but they are so trendy!

Right below the Prism are the Theory in Cognac. This pair is quite similar to the Prism, but a little bit rounder. It's a gorgeous light warm brown that I thought I wouldn't like, but I actually love them because they're less harsh! These are pretty tight on my head, but I have a gigantic head so that's not really surprising. I need to go get them fitted so I can wear them more often! Next to those are the Nostalgia in Caramel. This pair is quite different to my others in terms of material as they have a gorgeous metal arm and nose bridge. The nose bridge also has a really delicate engraving that's beautiful! I love how retro these ones look, and they're great at showing off my makeup underneath, hehe! The last frame is the Aurora in Nebular Blue. This pair is an amazing tortoiseshell with a bright blue running through it. In low lighting they look quite dark, but once you're in the sun the blue really shines. The shape are pretty similar to the others, but less round than the Theory. They're super comfy!

Right, those are all of the glasses that I'm wearing currently! I do have some older Armani Exchange and Rayban frames, but those are from when I went through my giant glasses phase and I never wear them any more, lol. Are you guys glassses wearers? Let me know where you get yours from!