Glossier Stretch Concealer

When I first got my Glossier Phase 2 set (post here), I don't think I truly appreciated the beauty that is the Glossier Stretch Concealer. Back then I was still kind of in that 'cover every inch of my skin' phase. Now, however, I'm much more into skincare and perfecting my actual skin and then using makeup to enhance or correct. Aka the Glossier motto, and I am LOVING it.

Glossier describes their concealer offering as, "a new type of concealer with elastic micro waxes that move with your face instead of caking on top of it, and nourishing oils that give a dewy, glowing finish." Let me start off by saying that I think this stuff is the shit. It blends into your skin absolutely beautifully, and is pretty much undetectable. I have the shade Light 10 and although it matches my skin perfectly, it also somehow manages to brighten under my eyes. It covers up my dark circles super easily, and helps diminish any breakouts or hyper pigmentation I have. I will say that this doesn't completely cover breakouts, you can still see them up close. They're just way, way less noticeable and instead of having a cake concealer face your skin looks naturally gorg which is fine by me. 

The concealer contains beeswax and microcrystalline wax, which allows it to move with your skin rather than drying down and looking powdery. This also means that it definitely isn't transfer proof. I set it with a powder, but you definitely want to avoid rubbing your face in someone's shirt. The formula also contains avocado and jojoba oils which are super nourishing and help retain water, and cocoa butter which promotes skin elasticity. 

Okay, now the big BANG POW. Recently, I've been using this baby all over my face as a foundation. Now, using concealer as a foundation is not exactly a novel idea, but I promise you this product will blow your mind. Never, ever has my skin looked so perfected while still looking natural. I know I always sing the praises of tinted moisturizers, etc but those either offer very little coverage or look like makeup. This literal slice of heaven looks like you have beautifully even skin when you roll out of bed in the morning (which I certainly don't). Please, give it a try and tell me I'm not crazy!
What's your favorite Glossier offering? Also, did you guys order any of the Supers? I got all three, oops! Look out for a review of those soon, and if you're itching to get some Glossier I have a 20% off coupon for you here.