Five Fab Moisturizers

With the cooler temperatures sneaking up on us (at least I'm praying they will in the south), I've been trying to make sure my skin doesn't get too dry. I go pretty drastically from slightly oily skin to extremely dry skin when the seasons change (probably because we have super extreme temperature differences), so it's always good to be prepared! So, I'm gonna talk about a few of my favourite moisturizers for the transitional period. I will say once it hits real winter in the south I only use one of these, but I'll talk about that in a mo.

The Glossier Priming Moisturizer is a great one for during the day. It kind of sets down, which sounds weird, but it makes a great base for makeup and keeps my skin hydrated! I don't use this a ton in the summer months as my skin gets a bit too dewy, so I'm excited to pull this out again. As a little extra, I've included the Glossier Balm Dot Com as well. We all know I'm obsessed with the stuff, but during the colder months it really really helps heal chapped lips and split cuticles! Another great day moisturizer is the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. I don't know how this really works, because it's super rich but somehow makes my makeup last a really long time. Very confusing. But it works so well when my skin is a little dry and helps prevent my foundation sticking to dry patches! It is oil-free, but contains Shea butter, so if you have oily skin I would try a sample out first (although most reviews say oily-skinned people are loving it too)!

Another awesome Bobbi Brown one is the Hydrating Gel Cream. This one if great if you find that your skin stays a little oily during the winter as it's a gel texture. It sinks into the skin really quickly but still offers a lot of hydration. And often oily skin happens because your skin is actually dehydrated, so it's important to use moisturizer! The Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is another one that's pretty lightweight but still packs a punch. It's got Fresh's Super 7 Complex, which is basically 7 'super ingredients' to help with radiance, anti-aging, and hydrating.

My absolute favourite face cream all-year round is the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. It's pretty rich, but still sinks easily while also providing a ton of hydration. I use a little of this in the summer because it goes a long way, but when my skin gets really dry I slap this all over my face and it feels wonderful. It's got Squalane, a natural emollient, which not only helps to hydrate on contact but also pulls moisture from the air throughout the day so your skin stays hydrated. Because of its light texture this one is also great for all skin types! This cream launched in 1970 and is still one of Kiehl's' best sellers, so that must say something, right?

Those are my favourite moisturizers of the moment (although some I've been using for quite a while). What are your favourite moisturizers/skin healers?